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This web page gives information about the various groups in and around Colchester that are involved with re-enacting history from various periods. The information is mainly in the form of links to other websites.


The Colchester Roman Society seems to have gone underground. They are still out there somewhere but they don't seem to want to shout about it. If they ever resurface with a web site, please let us know. In the meantime, there are various Roman re-enactors in Colchester who can be contacted here. For information and pictures of Roman military and civilian equipment that is available, please click here.


For more general information, please click on the icons below.


The book of Roman arms and armour

The centerpost of Forum Romanum is the Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum, a digital library covering the entire body of Latin literature, from the earliest epigraphic remains to the Neo-Latinists of the eighteenth century.



in and around Colchester

There are many different levels and styles of archery being practised today in England. Colchester enjoys its own local Archery club, with many others in the local area. Whilst some have members who use the English longbow, there is no specific club which caters for this archery class.

Each year, Colchester stages 'The Archer of the Fayre' as part of the Oyster Fayre, where archers from all over the country attend to take on England's finest English longbow archers. A link is shown here.

The event is open to any medieval period archer, where the individual contests might include:

Loop Shoot - Narrow arrow slots for a standing knight target. Scoring areas on the body.

Pottage Shoot - A range of vegetables with the smaller the target the higher the score.

Clout Shoot - Shoot high into the sky to hit a horizontal target on the ground.

King's Shoot - Hit a deer in the park whilst keeping your foot on a designated peg.

Speed Shoot - A thirty second timed shoot where you are scored on how many arrows you release at a target, with added points for hitting the target.

Ring the Bell - Small bell mounted on a post with points scored for every hit.

Purse Shoot - Shooting for cash prizes.

Spinner - Shooting at a spinning target hung from a tree.

Pot Shoot - Shoot at small animals from behind a tree, with targets of rabbits, hares, fowl, etc.

Popinjay - Shoot at a hanging swinging bird on a rotating frame.

Boar Shoot - A wild boar hidden in the bushes with points according to where you hit the target.

Wolf Shoot - As above.

The links below will explain what archery is about , where you can go to do it and what type of equipment and styles are being used.


For archery supplies in the Colchester area.


Local Archery Clubs

Richard Head Longbows

LINKS to other ARCHERY WEB SITES (California USA)



The Colchester Town Watch are an Elizabethan period re-enactment group who attend local functions is support of the Mayor of Colchester and other social and civic events.

The Colchester Historical Enactment Society (C.H.E.S. for short) stage displays of combat and living history, based on a group of Saxon warriors at the time of the Norman Conquest. They also recreate the lives of mariners during the age of sail, in particular, the "Golden Age of Piracy" during the early eighteenth century when pirates hunted the trade routes and the Royal Navy patrolled in their defense.


A group of naval historians commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar each year, in relation to the men of Colchester who took part in the battle. More information may be found here.

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