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December 2009 to December 2010


Here follows some of the latest press coverage which followed the aftermath of the discovery of the only know Roman circus in Britain. Sadly it has been an uphill struggle. Since its discovery in 2004, the only known Roman circus in Britain lies unmarked and uninterpreted. No road signs; not even a marker board. destination Colchester and the Colchester Archaeological Trust have worked tremendously hard to Save the Circus and have been left with a far from satisfactory conclusion. May history judge us all!

Here follows a selection only of the many articles that appeared in our local newspapers since the Save our Circus idea was conceived and acted on around October 2009.

14th December 2009

18th December 2009

8th January 2010

13th January 2010

14th January 2010

15th January 2010

18th January 2010

22nd January 2010

4th to 8th February 2010

10th February 2010

16th February 2010

17th February 2010

23rd February 2010

1st March 2010

5th May 2010

13th August 2010

30th September 2010

Problems started to present themselves and division between destination Colchester and the Colchester Archaeological Trust set in, with claims from Bill Hayton of a betrayal.

14th October 2010

10th December 2010

Failure admitted by the Colchester Archaeological Trust as they are let down by major partners. They put forward a second plan to purchase the nearby Education Centre for less than half the price but without ownership of the starting gates area. We would still have access but very limited and we would have to pay handsomely for that access via a lease. Details of that agreement brokered by Councillor Higgins are shown elsewhere on this site.

13th December 2010

17th December 2010


Finally, a demonstration of Colchester Borough Council's attitude to the circus from a news item in teh Essex County Standard of 28th January 2011. When asked if we could change the road name on which the circus is located, from CIRCULAR ROAD NORTH to ROMAN CIRCUS WAY, we get negativity. No 'What a good idea!' or 'Thank you for this excellent suggestion!'. Clearly the only Roman circus in Britain is an irritation to them.

...and so we end this page with a very unhappy situation. The Save the Circus campaign generated around £240,000 towards the cost and the balance of the money was secured through various other avenues. The project was achievable but was foiled by unreliable partners - and bureaucratic obstacles. Watch this space for further developments.

See also the 'Plan B' details of the

Colchester Archaeological Trust

by clicking on the following image.


Looking at CAT's plan to use the Education Centre instead of the Sergeants Mess, we think it to be an excellent alternative option for several reasons.

  • The building hasn't been vandalised so only restoration and repair is necessary.
  • The exhibition hall is capacious, so a good sized area can be devoted to interpretation of the circus.
  • The land that goes with it is spacious and will facilitate extra-curricular outdoor activities and some parking.
  • The site still sits on the circus footprint and is therefore very much a visual part of the circus.
  • CAT's presence in the building will enable them to watch over the circus area and offer inherent security to the site.
  • There is no need for other people to be relied on take on a part of the building - the type of people that have recently proved to be total time-wasters.
  • The size of the building lends itself very well to the needs of CAT.
We hope that this scheme gets the full support of the general public and those who have so generously donated time and money to the appeal.




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