7th July 2012

some pictures and comment

from our lovely day on our Village Green

 Declared open by the rector of this parish

The Reverend John Parker

whose prayer was answered

for good weather.



The Village Green bench doesn't normally see such actvity.


Zumba at 1pm

Dog Show at 2pm

Children's Races at 3pm


Bowling for the Pig

organised by

John and Chris Ford

(the pig was nicely prepared,

ready for the barbecue!)

The winner with the highest points

was ???


Our bouncy Pirate Ship

provided by Pete Dutch


Psychic readings with Lynda 


Nail painting with Annabel 

Fordham Orchard

A recent project in Fordham has been with the planting of a new orchard - and the obvious follow-up attraction of the cider that can be produced. Early days yet but the cider press is ready and waiting and eager to get pressing.

Here pictured are Stephen Foster and Simon, sampling the rocket-fuel, the produce of Rob Malcolm and David Baker.

We heard tell that the rector's wife had to sit down in the quiet after a taste of Rob's 'apple-juice'. 


The Plant & Produce Stall

manned by Dave Bodle

(in green shirt, talking to Rod Bleach)

and Barbara Jones.



The North East Essex Badger Group.

Most of you know already that badgers have taken a shine to Fordham. With the activities of the Woodland Trust and the loss of so much farming land, our badgers are everywhere. The group welcomes new members and currently meet every first Tuesday of the month at the Cricketers in Fordham Heath 


The Bric a Brac stall

manned by Tizzy



Mike Lake brought us his

Hole in One game,

although the state of the green

could have been better.

Beyond him AJ and the team from

All Saints Church

had a football goal scoring contest.


Paul from the shop and his golfer mates

thought they would try their hand, as did Pip.

Who won the bottle Mike?


Note the state of the village pond,

newly re-vamped as part of the

Fordham in Bloom

initiative driven by

Barbara Jones and team.


The goal scoring competition

inspired plenty of youngsters

to try and get three balls past the goalie.


The raffle was run by

Shelagh Bleach

and Una Lawrence


The book stall was run by

Paddy and Lynn Salter


Fordham WI 

ran the refreshments


A Queue!

In Fordham?



Tara and Jayne from

The Three Horseshoes

provided the beer tent, together with the barbeque.

Seriously underestimating the demand,

beer and burgers were soon sold out.


Second picture:

Reg Jones

and Richard Tebbutt

putting the world to rights.


John Kaye

took on the task

of providing portraits.

Here he sketches



The Video Tapes

our band for the day.

Well done lads!


followed by

Jenny Kaye

on sax.


There is a lot of talk about

getting a new village sign.

So Nigel Head-Jenner

set up a board to invite people's

opinions about how one might

look, giving examples of the signs from

nearby villages.

The general themes centred around

Trees, river, church, farming, etc.







It seems doubtful that Fordham has ever

seen anything like it before.


Sue Allen

brought the less shy members

of her Zumba dancing group

out onto the green to show us all

how it should be done.


Absolutely superb!

Hilarious, in fact.

Well done ladies

(and two gentlemen, we think!)  


The video is good too

but we have been threatened

with legal action or bodily harm

or both, were we to publish it.

Some of the dogs from our


The categories were:

  • Waggiest Tail
  • Most Like Their Owner
  • Best Dressed


It is such a lovely picture we thought we would put it up first.

This is Nicola Goodall and her little Westie called Tilly

 Here's Tipsy, official guard dog at the pub.

She may look a pussy cat but, given the chance,

she'll have yer arm off.



The Great Dane contingent.


 Tara and Tipsy - three puppies?




Names please!


A few contenders for best dressed. 



Very patriotic!




A couple of pirates getting ready

for the best dressed category.




Tuppenny Pennefather


Quite mad!

Best look alike?

Pete Dutch and Bessie.

Embarrassing owners?

No, but a good runner up.


A fitting winner of the best dressed prize.

This chap came with eye patch and





Hook A Duck 

The Three Horseshoes

children brought along

a few games.

As well as this one, they had a

Guess the Name of the Bear

competition. Also a

Lucky Lollipop

competition. Also, they were doing

Face Painting.

...and perhaps, the best fun of all,

The Stocks


Tara and Jayne


The Three Horseshoes

were superb sports,

placing themselves at the

mercy of the wet sponges.


The throwing team.



Egg and Spoon Race 

with young

George Malcolm

firmly with his thumb on his egg.

We also had

Egg Throwing

and the

Three Legged Race

Thanks Janet Tebbutt for organising this

fun event.





Bet you can't

hit me. 


A close-up

position works best. 







Fordham Parish Council


Lawrence Alexander

announces the prizes for the raffle

(Sylvie Rayner won the telly).


This young lady collected her

mum's prize for her.


,,,and the bear's name turned out to be



A big thank you to everyone who contributed, helped, attended, cleared-up, etc. for the 2012 Fordham Fair, held in aid of


 To start with, the weather looked as though we were all in for a soaking. It poured with rain while we were erecting the marquee's and gazebo's but stopped in plenty of time to get everything ready in time for the 12 noon opening and prayer from our rector, John Parker. The weather stayed dry and warm for the entire afternoon and the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. Everyone I spoke to said they were really enjoying themselves.

Highlights of the afternoon were the Zumba demonstration, courtesy of Sue Allen and her pupils who had not only come from Fordham but from the groups that she has in Colchester so a big thank you to all of the Zumba dancers who turned out and gave a great display. Thank you Sue, we're missing you already.

The dog show, judged by Anne Honeyball from Aldham, was an amazing surprise because so many dogs came along with their owners to enter the competition and, although very lighthearted, showed that we all want our pooches to excel. There were a variety of costumes for the best dressed dog from pirates to parlour maids. The top prize going to a golden retriever dressed as a pirate complete with sword, name unknown. There was a top prize for the dog that looked most like its owner which went to Tuppeney Pennefather and top prize for the waggiest tail went to a Black Labrador, name unknown. A lot of fun, with all participants getting a few dog biscuits for their trouble. Thank you Anne for taking the time to come and be the judge for the day.

 The children's races, led by Janet Tebbutt, were also very popular with lots of children taking part in a three legged race, egg and spoon race and throwing the egg. George Malcolm's technique for the egg and spoon race won him a prize of a skipping rope. If you put your thumb on the egg, it doesn't fall off! The throwing and catching the egg, which included several adults, went on for some time with a huge distance eventually opening up before the egg finally broke in someone's hands. Lots of fun, and all thanks to Janet.

We had books with Lynn & Paddy, Bric-a-Brac with Tizzy, Plants & Produce with Dave, Barbara and Daphne, Fordham Orchard with David & Rob, Cakes with Sylvie & Davina, Refreshments with the WI, Barbecue & Bar with The Three Horseshoes, Bouncy Castle with Peter, Nail Painting with Annabel, Physic Readings with Lynda, Bowling for the Pig with John and Chris, Hole in One Game with Mike, Portraits with John, Children's & Adult Stocks with Jayne & Tara, Face Painting, Guess the Name of the Teddy and find the Lucky Lolly and Hook a Duck from the children at The Three Horseshoes, North East Essex Badger Group, the raffle with Shelagh & Una (top prize, 22" flat screen TV, won by Sylvie), Beat the Goalie with AJ and friends from Fordham All Saints Church (holiday club coming up for 5 - 11 year olds, August 13th - 16th, book now!) and finally music from The Video Tapes, a local band comprising of Sam Griffiths and friends, making their public debut, Jenny playing the Saxophone and Roger entertaining everyone at the bar on the concertina.

 If I've missed anybody out, I'm truly sorry. The grand total raised will follow.


Notes for next year! Better PA. Better signage. A better golf green. More beer. More burgers. More cakes. Ice Cream. Kerb ramps.

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