2012 was the first year for what has been named

Fordham in Bloom




What is it?

It is the name of the activities directed at supporting Fordham's entry into 'Anglia in Bloom' which itself is part of 'Britain in Bloom' which is facilitated by the Royal Horticultural Society.

What is the aim?

To improve the appearance of Fordham in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive manner with a range of actions taking place throughout the year.

What it is not about.

Planting a few flowers to look pretty for a few days when the judges visit the village. Having said this, whilst activities take place throughout the year, for Fordham to be successful in the competition, we cannot ignore the judging which normally takes place in July, and in 2014 will take place on Thursday 17 July

What was the outcome in previous years?

The resultof Anglia in Bloom which Fordham entered for the first time in 2012 was Fordham being judged to be the best out of eight new entrants and achieving a Silver Gilt Award in completion with many other villages with less than 1000 residents across East Anglia. Following the 2013 competition and in recognition of the sustained effort a Gold Award was achieved.

Who is involved?

Ideally, all residents of Fordham will become regularly involved to a smaller or larger extent. In the three years Fordham in Bloom has been in existence through donations, sponsorship and active participation in projects a majority of households in Fordham have assisted. Volunteers to assist in projects to improve the appearance of the village are always welcome. Those who do not have the time to become involved in community activities can support 'Fordham in Bloom' by enhancing the appearance of their own gardens. The activities taking place are co-ordinated by a core group that has been formed.

What tasks have been undertaken so far?

In preparation for judging of the 2014 competition the following work has so far been completed in the year up to July 2014:

- a continued programme of maintenance and improvement for the existing planters, the sundial and public areas around the village as well the addition of a further planter as a security measure for a householder..

- continued planting of 10,000+ spring-flowering bulbs on verges and green areas in the village.

- further planting and enhancement of the village pond to create a bog garden and the establishment of a wild flower and tree area at the back of the village green.

- well-attended and successful fund-raising activities from village fairs, fetes and fun quiz and open garden.

- continued work to keep the village tidy, including litter pick and verge cutting by volunteer groups.

- Annual Apple Day as part of the development of the orchard.

- Establishment of a beehive in a large village garden

- Siting of bird boxes in trees to the rear of the village green as well as sowing wildflower area.

What are the future plans?

Assuming funds are available, it is hoped this year to further enhance the spring bulbs planted in previous years with additional planting in Church Road, Lucas Avenue and Ponders Road. In addition we hope to continue to develop and enhance the Village Green area and to erect bird boxes in suitable sites around the village

How is Fordham in Bloom funded?

A grant has been obtained from Fordham Parish Council as well as from Colchester Borough Council. Commercial sponsorship has also been secured with some organisations also generously donating goods and services.

How can you help?

You can attend the next work sessions which are to take place on Saturdays and Wednesdays twice each month. Details of the next session can be obtained from the contact below.

Alternatively if you are unable to assist in a practical way but feel you would like to assist financially or you wish to discuss any aspect of 'Fordham in Bloom' please telephone Barbara on 240034.

Alternatively if you would like to be kept informed of Fordham in Bloom please contact us at bodle242@hotmail.co.uk to be added to our email contact list.



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