Designed with our unique history in mind.


Price: £10 each

(or £15 each as sweatshirts)



The front depicts our Roman heritage.

A Roman temple like structure, inscribed with wording

taken from a monument in Rome, describing Colchester as

'City of Victory, Camulodunum',

the original British name for the fortified settlement

before the Romans arrived and conquered Britannia.

This is guarded by four auxillary soldiers of the Roman army.

On the back, a Celt v Roman chariot race,

together with important dates in our history.

Gold writing on black cotton.



As Shirt 1, the front depicts our Roman heritage.

Again, the back, a Celt v Roman chariot race,

together with important dates in our history.

The difference is the addition of brave

Queen Boadicea (Boudica) of the Iceni

who rose up and destroyed the colonia,

ultimately meeting her death at the hands of the Romans.

Black writing on white cotton.


The front depicts more of our Roman heritage.

Auxillary cavalryman Longinus Sdapeze sits proudly on his horse trampling a poor Briton underfoot. Also shown are the two sides of one of King Cunobelin's coins showing the words CAMU for Camulodunum and CUNO for Cunobelin. On the back, Roman soldier Dubius ponders the transition from Camulodunum to modern day Colchester, together with important dates in our history.

Black writing on beige cotton.

If you are able to visit our town, these shirts are available from us at Camulos.

Also, we can offer children's sizes or sweatshirts. 

For availability please telephone

01206 240788 or 242228 or 07714 250949

or email


The T-Shirts come in sizes S, M, L, XL


They were designed by

Jess and Theresa Jephcott

and use artwork ideas by

Barrie Pearce and Nigel Appleby.


All proceeds in aid of local charities, which will include:

The Colchester Festival Association

 (As a result of Colchester Museum taking exception to the reference on some of the shirts to King Arthur and Camelot, these shirts cannot be offered for sale either at the town's museums or the Visitor Information Centre. The whole question of King Arthur's connection with Colchester has long been a matter of learned discussion and, were there such a connection, the date given on the shirt is believed to be accurate. It should be clarified that this product is only intended as a fun item, designed to promote our town to visitors and to educate people generally. Nobody can prove one way or the other where Arthur's seat of power lay, although the link below gives one such theory.) 



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