The Jephcott Society


Founded in 1983.


In 1983, a group of amateur family historians came together to create a one-name study group, which concerned itself with studying the surname Jephcott, and many other similar spelling variations, that, it was assumed, rightly or wrongly, to be simple variants of the same name. 

The following are those 14 variants that we believe are in use today:

Jephcott Jeffcoate Jeffcott Jeffcoatt Jefcott Jefcoat Jephcote Jefcoate Jephcoat Jeffcut Jeffcote Jeffcutt Jeffcoat Jefcut
In those days, there were no computers, no internet, none of the means at our disposal that we have today. We extracted information from big books in the various record offices around the country, we drew family trees, we compiled and sent newsletters in the post, and we had annual meetings of the clan. As a result, we built up a huge collection of information about the clan, family stories, anecdotes, old photographs and documents, etc.

As the years went by, a book was published that showed some of our research work. However, people became older, some lost interest, or developed other interests, and the society's activities got less and less. Almost 40 years later, with retirement making it possible, we revived our research, with a view to sharing it with anybody that was interested.

Please consider joining us and helping us with information from your family tree. There is no cost involved with membership, as it is all done on the internet. We need you to add to the family trees that we have already created, send us photographs, copies of documents, consider participating in our Jephcott/Jeffcoat Family DNA project.

If you are a Facebook user, please join our group, for up-to-date information.

This is a work in progress and we will be expanding this web page to include many other subjects. So keep coming back or sign up to the Facebook group, where details will be given of changes and additions here.


 Here follows the internet version of the book that was first published in 1990, entitled 'The Jephcott Family', compiled by Jess Arthur Jephcott, born 1953, family AA, but which has been much revised since that date. The contents of this book spans all aspects of our family's history and we hope that you will enjoy searching and reading its contents.


The Jephcott Family Book


Please click on the link of interest to take you to the relevant section.


1 Introductory Section.

2 The Jephcott Name.

3 The Jephcott Society.

3a 1st and 2nd Clan Gathering

3b 3rd and 4th Clan Gathering

3c 5th and 6th Clan Gathering

3d Letters Received Index

4 Heraldry.

5 Parish Records.

6a Family Tree Section - introduction only

6b Family Trees, Classifications and Descriptions - see below for the full list of family trees and narratives





When we started, we devised a scheme of classification that would enable us to determine who belonged in which family tree, where it was not possible to link them together. We started with A, B, C, etc, but soon running out of letters, we doubled-up to AA, AB, AC, etc, leading onto BA, BB, BC, etc, and so on. We are into the Ds at the moment, and more family trees will, perhaps, be added in due course.

Hopefully, your family is shown somewhere here. If you cannot find where you fit, please enquire.

We have published most of the family trees on the internet. On the tables below, there are links to a 'gedcom' file for each family. For you to able to see the family trees that these files contain, you will need to download a programme from the internet that will enable this.

This programme seems to work well. Try it.


Where you see a - in the first column, this means that we have added the family's supplementary details as a link.

Remember, this is a work in progress! It is incomplete.


Family Tree Code

Family Tree Description






AA and AG -

The Foleshill Jephcotts. This was the first tree that the society created and spans from the marriage of Thomas Jephcott to Hannah Smith in 1709, through to recent generations.

483 people



AB -

This tree starts with Thomas Jephcott who was born in Foleshill, Warwickshire around 1754, and who links in with the AA Family Tree. Two of the Jephcott men married two sisters with the surname Coke, and that gave us the Coke-Jephcotts.

197 people


AC -

The Quaker Jeffcoat family of Hempton in Oxfordshire, starting with John Jefcoat, born 1702. Many Quakers here. Also emigrants to the USA.

199 people


USA, Illinois.

Gilkes, Adkins, Eaton, Potter, Amasa, Fardon.

AD -

Sir Harry Jephcott's Family Tree. This tree is associated with Sir Harry Jephcott and starts with John Jephcott in 1797 in Hampton Lucy.

50 people


AE and AX -

The Jephcotts of West Bromwich. Combining two of our original trees and starting with Jonas Jephcott in 1814.

82 people


Football Hero

AF, AI, CE and CW -

The Jephcoats of Birmingham. An amalgamation of several of our original trees, starting with Thomas Jefcoate in 1821 in Loughborough.

151 people


AG -

see AA


AH -

The Family Tree of William Jephcott, Watchfinisher of Coventry, starting with Elizabeth Jephcott of Willoughby in 1833.

30 people


AI -

see AF


AJ -

Elon Jeffcoat's family tree. Elon was born in Nuneaton in 1835 and emigrated to New Zealand. The tree starts with Thomas Jeffcoat born in Nuneaton c1789.

40 people


New Zealand

AK -

The Jephcotts of Alcester, Kilsby, Willoughby, starting with Elizabeth Jephcott born 1739 in Willoughby. Her father was Jonathan Jephcott.

147 people


AL and BE -

The family of Nehemiah Jephcote, ribbon weaver, born in 1781 in Stockingford.

141 people


USA, Connecticut.

Nehemiah 1, Tamar.

Basket, Buckler, Goalby, Horsefall, Marston, Moreton.

AM -

The family of Arthur Jephcott of Birmingham, Woolwich and Kent, starting with John Jephcott born in 1823 in Nuneaton and his wife Caroline Smith.

46 people


AN -

The family of Joseph Jephcott of Hartshill, starting with John Jeffcott who was born in Nuneaton in 1801, a miner.

89 people


AO, AY, BF -

The family of James Jephcott, weaver of Nuneaton, born at Robinson's End, Nuneaton in 1804, and his wife Elizabeth. Bringing three original family trees together.

143 people


Sir Norman Jeffcoate

Brinkworth, Chattel, Nixon, Oakey.

Letter 1115, 1131

AP -

The family of William Jephcott, confectioner, of Coleshill, born 1835 and his wife Priscilla, nee Duffield.

38 people



AQ, BH -

The Jefcoates of Birmingham. Starting with Edwin Jefcoate, candlestick maker, born 1815 in Snow Hill, Birmingham and his wife Elizabeth née Cox. Other names Witcomb, Stokes, etc.

87 people


AR and CX -

The Jeffcoats of Leicestershire.

AR - Starting with Samuel Jeffcoat born 1716 in Whitwick and his wife Esther and with many descendants born in Australia. One of the descendants is William Jeffcoat born 1816 and Samuel Jeffcoat born 1820, both in Swannington. 176 people.

The Jeffcoats of Swannington. There were at least four Jeffcoat sons born in Swannington in the 1810s to 20s. William, Samuel, Thomas and Enoch. Were they brothers? We cannot prove the connection, so we include the other two sons, as probable brothers of William and Samuel.

AR1 - The family of Thomas Jeffcoat, born 1823 in Swannington, and his wife Elizabeth, née Sharpe. 14 people.

AR2 - The family of Enoch Jeffcoat, born 1826 in Swannington, and his wife Ann, née Gibson. The family lived in Burton upon Trent. 9 people.

199 people





Letters 966, 981, 1133

AS, AV -

The Jephcott Family of Baginton. The family started with Joseph Jephcott, the illegitimate child of Elizabeth Jephcott born 1817.

73 people


DNA broken.

Spike, Waite, Varlow, Nock.

Bigamist, fantasist, child mortality. Letter 1119.

AT -

The Jeffcott Family of Mancetter and Hartshill. area of Warwickshire. Starting with John Jeffcott born 1764 in Nuneaton and his wife Catherine.

107 people


Bates, Buckler, Clews, Titus, Vernon.


AU, CO -

The Ladywood Jeffcotts, starting with John Jeffcott born 1776 and his wife Elizabeth nee Robinson. Henry Raymond Jeffcott, Royal Marine killed in D-Day landings.

99 people


Hunter, Warrilow, Law, Vyse.

AV -

see AS


AW -

The Whitmore Jephcott Family Tree. Starting with John Jephcott born 1806 in Marston Jabbett and his wife Anne, née Whitmore.

47 people



AX -

see AE


AY -

see AO


AZ -

The Family of Isaac Jephcott of Ansley. Starting with John Jephcott born 1816 in Nuneaton and his wife Elizabeth, née Elliot. A master ribbon weaver and later also post office keeper.

24 people



21 families, 23 'A' trees, 2472 people

BA, BQ, CB and CL -

The Jeffcoats of Allesley. A farming family with connections to Milverton, Stoneleigh, Lighthorne, Nuthurst, Gt Alne. Starting with Henry Jeffcoat and Ann, née Overton, married 1756.

153 people



A centenarian


The Jephcotts of Bedworth.


BC -

The Peruke-maker Jephcotts of Coventry. The family of Richard Jephcott, a feltmaker who died in 1706, and Hester his wife, of Coventry.

20 people


BD -

The Jeffcoatts of Staffordshire. Starting with George Jeffcoatt born 1827 in Chapel End, and his wife Hannah, née Aldridge.

21 people


BE -

see AL


BF -

see AO


BG -

The Jeffcutts of Gloucestershire. Starting with George Jefcoat born c1797 and his wife Elizabeth, née Williams. Several twins.

98 people


Crowm, Bruton, Bird, Apperley.

BH -

see AQ


BI, BV and CY -

The Jephcotes of Nuneaton. Starting with James Jeffcote born c1793 and his wife Jane, née Randle.

151 people


Randle, Marston, Iliffe, Bonam, Ashby, Mallabone.


BJ, BT and CV -

The Jeffcotts of Ireland. A selection. There many other small and undocumented references to Jeffcotts from Ireland.

BJ - The family of William and Kathleen Jeffcott from Tralee, Ireland. 69 people. (Details provided by Nick and Heather Wright.)

BJ1 - The family of John Jeffcott of Tralee, born 1691. 57 people. (Details provided by Helen Kemp.)

BJ2 - The family of Crossdill, Trotter and Nugent Jeffcotts. 43 people. (Details provided by Suzanne Winters.)

BJ3 - The family of John Jeffcott born 1819 in Dingle, and his wife Augusta, née Baldock. 40 people.

BJ4 - The family of John Jeffcott, born 1775, and his wife Ann, née Thompson. 72 people.

BJ5 - The family of Samuel Jeffcott born in Ireland in 1804 and his wife Susannah, née Lee. 23 people.

BJ6 - The family of William Jeffcott, born in Ireland in 1836, and his wife Catherine Eagar, come to London, but a branch emigrating to Canada. 26 people

324 people








Ireland, Tralee, Dingle.

Fitzmaurice, Moore, Hoare, King, Crossdill, Trotter, Nugent, Baldock, Hilliard.

New Zealand.

Burchill, Gyde, Stevens, Wilson.


BK -

The Jephcotts of Bulkington, starting with Joseph Jephcott, born 1749 in Mancetter, labourer, and his wife Ann, née Spencer. No male line ensued, but the Jephcott name was used to recent times.

31 people


Spencer, Merrick, Hutt, Colledge.

BL -

see BW


BM -

The Seed of Jacob Jeffcoat. These eleven family trees probably all join up, but proving it, is not possible.

BM - The family of Elijah Jeffcoat born 1782 in South Carolina, USA. 295 people.

BM1 - The family of Edward Jeffcoat born 1776 in South Carolina, USA. 71 people.

BM2 - The family of David Jeffcoat born 1805 in South Carolina, USA. 105 people.

BM3 - The family of Benjamin Jeffcoat born 1772 in South Carolina, USA. 210 people.

BM4 - The family of Joel Bolivar Jeffcoat born 1806 in South Carolina. 65 people.

BM5 - The family of John Calvin Jeffcoat born 1809 in South Carolina. 59 people.

BM6 - The family of Henry Jeffcoat born 1812 in South Carolina, USA. 89 people.

BM7 - The family of Granny Jack (Vernon) Jeffcoat born 1868 in South Carolina, USA. 28 people.

BM8 - The family of Urbane E Jeffcoat born 1828 in South Carolina, USA. 87 people.

BM9 - The family of John Jeffcoat born 1891 in South Carolina, USA. African-American, negro. 31 people.

BM10 - The family of Boob Jeffcoat born 1826 in South Carolina. African American, negro. 40 people.

BM11 - The family of Emaline Jeffcoat, born c 1820 in South Carolina, USA. 31 people.

1112 people














Hoover, McAdams, Wyrosdick, Sturkie, Amaker, Crim, Spiers.

BN and CH -

The Jeffcoat family of Stoneleigh, Balsall, Aston, starting with John Jeffcoat born 1796 and his wife Mary, née Blizzard. Also, James, the county hangman in 1851.

49 people



A hangman.

BO -

The family of William Jeffcote and Sarah, née Wilson, of Nuneaton. No J descendants. 1787 to 1851.

13 people



BP -

The Jefcut Family, starting with Nehemiah (aka William) Jeffcote born 1801 in West Bromwich and his wife Sarah, née Guttridge. The Jefcut spelled name was adopted by the Battersea, London, branch.

113 people


Guttridge, Nehemiah 2, Wardle,

BQ -

see BA


BR -

The Ansty Jephcotts.

BR - The family of John Jephcott who died in Ansty in 1561 and his wife Joan. 62 people.

BR1 - The family of Henry Jephcott who died in Ansty in 1581 and his wife Agnes. Also Ryton on Dunsmore and Stretton on Dunsmore. 35 people.

BR2 - The family of Henry Jephcott who died in Ansty in 1659, and his wife Anne. Also Alvechurch, Dunchurch, Kislingbury, Harborne, Aston Subedge, Mickleton. 58 people.

BR3 - The family of two Jacob Jephcotts, one of Langley, Buckinghamshire and the other of Tower Hamlets. 17th century apprenticeship indentures give limited information. 4 people.

159 people




15th/19th century

Cawdwell, Petipher, Challoner, Robinson, Rymell.

BS -

The Jefcotts of Southam and Northampton. The family of Richard Jefcott who died in 1632 in Southam, and his wife Joan.

57 people


17th/18th century

Marson, Chatwin, Danell, Buckingham.

BT -

see BJ


BU -

The Broof Jeffcotts. Starting with James Jeffcott, born 1805, a combmaker, and his wife Ann, née Walton. The Broof name starts in 1842 and carried through. Where did Broof come from?

61 people


Broof, Walton.

BV -

See BI


BW, BL, CN -

The Jefcoates of Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, starting with Edward Juffcoat who was born c1740, an innkeeper, and his wife Martha, née Godfrey.

531 people


Pettifer, Brown, Wootton, Warner, Ratcliffe.

BX -

The Jeffcoates of Doncaster. Starting with Terah Jeffcoate born c1762, a ribbon weaver of Nuneaton and his three wives.

51 people


Goldby, Mercer, Cresswell, Dunhill.


BY, CP, CZ -

The Family of William Jeffcote of Stockingford. William Jeffcote born 1791 and his wife Milley, née Bacon.

81 people




BZ -

The Jeffcoates of St Pancras, starting with John Jeffcoate born 1830 in Weedon, Northamptonshire and his wife Esther, née Bryant. A possible connection with BW, but unable to prove.

65 people



19 families, 38 'B' trees, 3090 people

CA -

The family of William Jeffcoat, born 1787 in Allesley, and his wife Sarah, née Orton.

38 people


Orton, Mayne, Tamar, Tranter, Edwards.


CB -

see BA

CC -

The Jeffcoates of Tamworth, starting with Samuel Jeffcoat b1781, and his wife Lucy, née Smith.

61 people


Smith, Moore, Rowley.

CD and DA -

The family of Thomas Jephcoat, born 1789 in Stockingford, ribbon weaver, and his wife Mary Ann, née Thurman.

110 people


White, Thorne, Moreton, Green, Paul, Whitehouse.


CE -

see AF

CF -

The Jeffcotts of Wrappershole and Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Middlesex, etc, starting with William Jeffcott, a labourer and his wife Sarah, née Alton.

78 people


Alton, Bradbury, Brooks, Clayton, Lovett.


CG -

The Jefcoatt family of Attleborough, starting with Joseph and Ann Jephcote, born c1750, with no J descendants known. Researched by Heather Barton, who descends from Joseph Train.

12 people


Spencer, Train, Whitehead.


CH -

see BN

CI -

The family of Elisha Jeffcott, born 1810 in Stockingford, a ribbon weaver, and his wife Mary, née Wilson. No known J descendants.

23 people


Bailey, Coley, Wilson.


CJ -

The Jeffcoats of Northampton, starting with Joseph Jeffcoat, born in 1814 in Northampton, shoe finisher, and his wife Sarah, née Pettit. Emigration to Australia.

71 people


Pettit, Ratcliffe, Pearson, Felton, Banner, Haywood, Pannett.

CK -

The Jeffcocks of Sheffield (no gedcom created). 18th and 19th century.


Habershon, Dunn.

CL -

see BA


The Jefcoates of Mancetter.


CN -

see BW

CO -

see AU

CP -

see BY

CQ -

The Jeffcotes of Nuneaton, starting with Joseph Jeffcoate born 1816 in Nuneaton, a grocer and a ribbon weaver, and his wife Ann, née Cooper.

81 people


Hancock, Cooper.

Hooligan. Intrigue.


CR -

The Jephcote Family of Nuneaton, starting with Susan Jephcote, born 1798, having an illegitimate son, William Jephcote, a brickmaker connected with Birmingham.

122 people


DNA  broken

Buckler, Moreton, Prime, Hardiman, Howie.


CS -

The Jeffcutt Ancestors of Clarice Shuttleworth (no gedcom created).


CT -

The Jeffcote Family of Bethnal Green, starting with James Jefcote, born 1818, in Old Stratford, Buckinghamshire, and his wife Susannah. Some prison terms served by members of this family.

31 people


Prison terms, War Hero.

CU -

Jim Jeffcoat - American Football Hero.


CV -

see BJ

CW -

see AF

CX -

see AR

CY -

see BI

CZ -

see BY

14 families, 11 'C' trees, 663 people

DA -

See CD


DB -

The Family of John Jabez Brevitt Jefcoat, born 1862, of Willenhall. Emigrants to Canada.

27 people




DC -

The Wolverhampton Jeffcoats, starting with Charles Jefcoat, born 1812, in Bilsdon, Staffs, and his wife Mary, née Tranter. Close details with family DB. Possible AP too.

24 people


Bilsdon, Burnish, Tranter

DD -

The family of William and Harriet Jephcott of Stechford. A mystery family tree that dates from 1873 in Coventry.

9 people


'mystery' Meadows

DE -

The family of John Jeffcutt, born 1791 in London, and his wife Elizabeth, née Moore. The family lived in Leicester, and little is known of them.

5 people


'mystery' Moore

DF -

The family of Harry Jeffcoat, born 1886 in Buxton, Derbyshire and adopted, parents unknown.

4 people



War hero.

DG -

The family of Thomas Jeffcott born 1825 in Ireland and his wife Bridget, née Doolan.

11 people





DH -

The family of Robert Jeffcott born 1839 in Ireland and his wife Esther, née Walton.

15 people



Walton. Penarth.

A war hero. Letter 1132

DI -

The Jeffcotts of Stepney. The family of Daniel Thomas Jeffcott, a mariner, born 1815 in Southampton, and his wife Catherine, née Karl.

24 people


Karl, Randell, Snell.

Mariner. War heroes.

DJ -

The family of William Jephcott, born 1804 in Ryton, and his wife Elizabeth.

24 people


Allick, Shelbourne, Barker.

A war hero.

DK -

The Jeffcotts of Wisconsin. The family of Daniel Jephcott born c1805, married in Birmingham to Sarah in 1844 and emigrated to the USA in 1849.

21 people



DL -

The Jeffcotts of Fenny Stratford. The family of Thomas Jeffcoat born 1826 in Fenny Stratford, and his wife Elizabeth.

13 people


Borton, Cook.

DM -

The Jefcoates of West Ham. The family of Mary Jefcoate of Birmingham, presumed single woman, and her son William born in 1810.

45 people


DNA broken

Birmingham, London, Millard, Gill, Calvert.

DN -

The family of William Jeffcoat, born c1785 in Shustoke, Northamptonshire, and his wife Susannah, née Burnham.

53 people


Burnham, Hall, Shaw, Comfort Dent, Frisby.



The Family of Thomas and Martha Jeffcoatt of Coventry.

6 people


Welhan, Jackson, clergyman son.



The Barton Jefcoatt Family of Colchester and Coventry, starting with twice married Thomas Jefcoatt of Nuneaton, silkweaver. His grand daughter Sarah married William Barton from Colchester.

12 people


Barton, White



The Family of Thomas Jeffcoat, born 1809 in Bosworth, and his wife Charlotte, née Colkin, of Hinckley. Not to be confused with family DS, another Hinckley family.

11 people


Colkin, Harvey, Stubbs

Hinckley, Leicestershire

Royal Marines, Chatham, Kent

DR -

The family of Thomas Reenberg Jephcott who died in South Africa in 1961.

5 people


South Africa, Rhodesia


DS -

The family of Samuel Jeffcott b 1793 in Nuneaton, and Frances, née Taylor.

44 people.




DT -

The family of Thomas Sherman Jephcoate born in 1835 in Nuneaton, who emigrated to New Zealand and who married Mary Fowler.

17 people


New Zealand

Fowler, Theodore.

Servant/Butler at Astley Castle.


DU -

The Hopson Jeffcote Family, starting with Sarah Jeffcote born in 1817 in Nuneaton.

13 people


Hopson, Crawford, Wells, Bates.

Bigamy, Imprisonment



The Jeffcoats of Berkswell in Warwickshire. Starting with Thomas Jeffcoat and Jane Harvey who married in Berkswell in 1811.

17 people



Harvey, Green, Kimbrey, Lewis, Shaw, Stapenhill.

DW -

The Jeffcotts of Surbiton. The family of Arthur Jeffcott, born 1777 in Twickenham, Gentleman, and his wife Louisa, née Nash.

11 people


Thomas Wellington, Surbiton.

21 families, 22 'D' trees, 411 people
As you can see, many of the family trees have been linked to others, since they were originally constructed during our research. Thus, we currently have 76 families, 94 individual family trees, all unconnected, so far (with the exception of AA and AB, which do connect), and 6638 people included.

We invite you to either send us your Jephcott/Jeffcott, etc. family member details, father, grandfather, and so on, for us to hopefully place you in one of the family trees, or for you to have a go yourself and and find out more about your family tree. We would welcome corrections and additions.


Chapters (continued)

7 Demographic Studies.

8 Census Records.

9 Genealogical Indexes.

10 Births Index.

11 Marriages Index.

12 Deaths Index.

13 Wills and Administrations.

14 Monumental Inscriptions.

15 Freemen of the City and Apprenticeship Records.

16 University Graduates and Scholars.

17 Army, Navy and Air Force Records.

18 Taxation, Law and Order.

19 Trade and Telephone Directories.

20 Newspapers and other Publications.

21 Miscellaneous Sources.

22 Reference.

This completes the 22 chapters of 'The Jephcott Family' book, which forms the basis of our research that we are presenting to you. Here follows some supplementary information that may, or may not be, included within the book. 


Supplementary Links

The Origin of the Name - a simple guide

The Stockingford Circle - a major concentration point

Surname Spelling Variants - there are many different different spellings of our name

Roll of the Fallen - Those from within the family that gave their lives in WWI and WWII

DNA study - The Jephcott/Jeffcoat Family DNA project (not in the book)



 The Origin of the Surname


The earliest reference that we have found in parish registers, which mention our family name, is for a marriage for a William [sic] Jeycott in 1562 in the parish of Ryton upon Dunsmore (near Coventry). The earliest 'J' baptism for this parish is in 1587 and, as the registers have survived since 1539, we must conclude that the Jephcotts were not an ancient family of this particular parish.

However, the parish registers for Ansty (near Coventry) have only survived from 1589. On inspecting these, the very first entry in the baptism register was for an Agnes Jefcocke, daughter of Richard Jefcocke. The will of John Jefcott (in his will, or John Jeffcotte in the inventory to his will) dated 1561, mentioned other Jephcotts in the parish of Ansty and also made mention of his father, one Nicholas Jefcott, who was also of the parish of Ansty.




Nicholas would have been born around the year 1460. We further know, from manorial records, that a Nicholas Geffecote was a customary tenant of Ansty in 1490. These two Nicholas' were probably one and the same!

We have gone on to draw up a large family tree for the Jephcotts of Ansty, the members of which are probably (not possible to prove) responsible for the existance of so many Jephcotts/Jeffcoats, etc. alive today.




We are led to assume that the present day Jephcott families (and the many variant spellings) are derived from a family (or families) that lived in (or around) the parish of Ansty (approx. 6 miles north east of Coventry) in the 15th century. Whether the family thrived in this area in the 14th and earlier centuries, we shall probably never know, although the probability is that they did.

Our conclusion is that the different spelling variations that exist today are a result of spelling inconsistancies on the part of the many persons who have recorded the name over the centuries, especially when the families moved away to other parishes. By this we refer to perhaps the vicar of the parish who, upon hearing the name spoken when arranging the baptism of a child, writes down the name as he sees appropriate. This would happen today, if we were not able to spell out our name to assist the writer.

It is highly probable that all Jephcotts (and variants) alive today, share a 500 year old link with Warwickshire. The UK telephone directories show that the largest number of Jephcotts (and variants) living in one area is in (or around) Coventry.

The 'cock' suffix to the name was gradually replaced by 'cott' in the time period around 1550 to 1620. The 'ph' content in some of the variants appears to have come about around the same time period.

Remember that the name Geoffrey is of Norman origin and that our Jeff-Jeph spelling would almost certainly have come from this Christian name. Does that mean that we are of Norman stock? Again, we will never know!



The Stockingford Circle

Where you see SC in the tables above, this stands for the Stockingford Circle. We have many families from this circle of parishes. Due to there being so many John, Thomas, William, etc. first names, it is difficult to decide who is who. All we can do is record what is clearly belonging to each branch of the family. Indeed, there is some evidence of different branches using different spellings of the name, to show some sort of separation, but, all said and done, with our people at that time not being able to read or write, it was usually for the clerk of the church to decide what spelling he chose to use on that day.

One day we will sit down and make a closer study of the Stockingford Circle, that sees our names regularly in Nuneaton, Wrappershole, Chilvers Coton, Ansley, Arley, Stockingford, Chapel End, Robinson's End, Hartshill, etc. etc. to see whether we can separate the branches and make sense of it all.




Surname Spelling Variants


Like it or not, our ancestors were not always literate. What use did a farm labourer (for instance) have for reading and writing? Indeed, well into the latter half of the 19th century, some of our ancestors were still making their mark on documents with a 'X' instead of a signature. It is surely little wonder that there are so many spelling variations of our name existing today when, presumably, being asked what their name was, our ancestor would say it (with their particular accent) to the vicar or scribe, who would, in turn, write it how he saw fit.

There are 44 different spellings that we have found in research, that seem to have been used with varying degrees of regularity in documents of all types. These are shown in the table below. There are also instances of names such as Jeplicott, Jepcott, Jeffecote, Jefciote, etc. where we have accepted them as belonging to our research but, as they do not occur very often, but we have taken them to be spelling errors.

The first 33 spellings are the ones that we have considered to be the true variants, the final 11 having only sometimes been recorded, up to perhaps the middle of the 17th century. Now, in the 21st century, any families holding these final 11 names, are considered to be unconnected with our Jephcott families and, as such, have not been researched in any detail by us, nor considered to be accepted variants of the name. One exception is for 34 Jeffcock, where we have built up a family tree, a spelling that is particularly connected with Sheffield, and perhaps to us, in the dim and distant past.

Those spellings that are highlighted, are the ones for families that exist today.


1 Jephcott

2 Jephcot

3 Jephcotte

4 Jeffcott

5 Jeffcot

6 Jeffcotte

7 Jefcott

8 Jefcot

9 Jefcotte

10 Jephcote

11 Jephcoat

12 Jephcoate

13 Jephcoatt

14 Jephcoatte

15 Jeffcote

16 Jeffcoat

17 Jeffcoate

18 Jeffcoatt

19 Jeffcoatte

20 Jefcote

21 Jefcoat

22 Jefcoate

23 Jefcoatt

24 Jefcoatte

25 Jeffcut

26 Jeffcutt

27 Jeffcutte

28 Jefcut

29 Jefcutt

30 Jefcutte

31 Jephcut

32 Jephcutt

33 Jephcutte

*34 Jeffcock

*35 Jeffcocke

*36 Jeffcok

*37 Jefcock

*38 Jefcocke

*39 Jefcok

*40 Jecock

*41 Jecocke

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The Jephcott/Jeffcoat DNA Study Project

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The Jephcott/Jeffcoat Roll of the Fallen

This link will take you to a list of those of our men who gave their lives in the first and second world wars.

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To contact us please send an email to

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This web page is repeated at

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and which is a facility created to preserve the Jephcott Family data in perpetuity,

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'Fortiter et Celeriter'