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Recently moved to the area and found it has created a great deal of interest. Thanks a lot!


amazing. your must be the most visually startling site,really awful design BUT the most useful for information on Colchester! I love it!


gr8 site, but plz add info on history of colchester during the industrial revolution, that would be a great help


Great site, well done, keep up the good work.


Fascinated by the news about the circus & may include it on our itinerary when we visit Britain later this year. Lisa Hill, Melbourne Australia


I was born in Colchester and come back often to visit my sister and mother. That tour was terrific. So interesting and makes me feel completely at home. I love your sense of humour too - are those feet really size 10..?! Nikki, London


Thank you for provided such a beautifully conceived site. Really brings the history of our great town to life and makes me proud to live her. Marc, Colchester.




I grew up in Colchester, but the one in Connecticut, USA. :)


Lovely web site. Thanks! I was born and grew up in Colchester; left for USA in 1980. Wonderful to see all the places I loved to visit, and I'm happy to know that you care so much about them. Patty K.


Very interesting and informative, makes me want to visit again after many yesrs. Well done!


I live just outside bonny Colchester but am in it nearly every day for college, I see most of these things every day and have only recently developed a strong interest in Colchester's history, but I found this site fascinating. Well done ^^ I'd also like to point out that the Roman baths have since been discovered within the college grounds prior to the new building being well.. built. My archaeology class and I also got to sift through a couple of dirt piles from the site but found nothing more interesting than a roman pin and coin... All the same, very interesting website ^^


very interesting site i give it a perfect thumbs up!


Please help to save the Colchester Garrison Church wheremy great great great grandfathers' friends were married to many Colchester young woman. Don't demolish it .. dismantle it and move it to a suitable site. I will help if I have to !! Desiree Braithwaite


i dont really like it ive went there but its not really like the pictures


most intresting,wiil see the real thing soon,thank you


very good pictures got to see the real thing


I am visiting easter 2007 to see where my GGG Grandad used to live as a Minister at Stockwell Chapel. His name Rev Joseph Herrick


How I wish I had learned more when I lived in Colchester my home town,love the site thankyou.


Simply excellent!


wonderful site, makes me very homesick!


This is a wonderful looking OLD town that I would love to visit. A dream like looking on postcards! Thank you kindly for sharing all these pictures and details with me. Ellen


u dont have anything on it about the normans and who worked in the castles (who were the main people) you have to put something on about that this is ridiculous


it is a very interesting website i found it very helpful as i am a student stuyding, but i found some infomation was not there to help me. overall i would recomend this website a very good grade.


it was very helpfull but it wasnt helpful inside


Excellent Tour! Great pictures and commentary. Makes me want to learn more. Thank you!


I'm going to visit your town soon and this virtual tour is really helpful.I'll ask my students to visit your site and get complete and very well built information of this important aspect of Colchester and its history.Thanks


I would love to beable to buy some roman books which i can only get from the bookshop at the castle for my husband. Asi'm disabled i cant get them with out him knowing, have you a web site so we can order on line? if not this would be a great idea. The site is fantastic thank you.


I couldn't open the picture of the tessellated floor of the Castle - I particularly want to make a patchwork quilt using William Morris inspired fabric and want a floor design which I think will look in keeping with the fabric


Great site - look forward to visiting the real thing !


A very nice introduction to a town's history. As a resident in Colchester I was pleased to learn something new about the town and their locations. The photographs really helped to enhance the site, my only "like to have" would be to have some older photographs eg; Colchester in the Victorian period, or information about the Colchester Earthquake. Compared to other town websites, this site was far superior.


excellent site!!!...my father was stationed with the (Canadian) RCAMC in WW2 at Colchester (at the Roman Way Convalescent Field Hospital) so it was interesting to "virtual tour" through some of the same sites he would've seen during the war...many thanks!!!...dorothy


Super site - well done


Thank you. I have lived it Colchester for 10 years now and have just taken your tour. I have learnt so much about this part of the towns history. Thanks again.


Please avoid the town centre in the evening. Our town leaders have done us much harm with their granting of bar licences and the police allow the appalling behaviour of offensive people to go unchecked. Colchester town centre = avoid of an evening.


Superb! Fantastic photos and excellent, informative commentary. Moved to the area from the US about 6 months ago, and keep telling myself I will visit soon. After seeing your site, it has moved to the top of my list! Thanks!


Great site, found by accident when i was looking for info about the war memorial. Spent 30 mins on this site so its got my approval :-)


Brilliant I now have a clearer picture of the towns history and where things are located


EXCELLENT, Thank you, nice to see places I will never get to go. Thank you and God Bless!


Excellent show must visit soonest !!


colchesters is looking good


very good I have used it with my class. Thank you


I am guiding a group of students from Japan in July, and this website is a great "appetizer" for the real thing. Also, when on a real guided tour, I find I am too busy looking around to pay careful attention to everything said, so I feel like I am prepared to divide my attention now. Thanks much!


wonderful, thanks for all your work 100% great


A bit too technical for me!


Brilliant photos but when you said a virtual tour i thought you meant actually joining in and clicking different icons which led to different pictures but otherwise good


Excellent insight into so many places I pass regularly and how it all fits together, brillant photos


Greatly appreciated. An interesting glimpse at what is a large part of our ancestory


A good place to start. Looking forward to seing the 'real thing' now I know a little more about it.


Beautiful site - I want to move to Colchester - shame cos I did 9 years ago and it's actually a yob-ridden dump. Pity the town can't maintain the dignity and respect illustrated by you.


Absolutley brilliant. Not enough time to read all at one time but am saving it to go back to. Really wonderful


It is good to see some history of old Camulodunum


very good


I loved it, thought it was facinating! thank you





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