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In October 2010, after a public outcry against planned council cuts, Tymperleys Clock Museum won a reprieve against closure. The house and its clock collection had been given to the people of Colchester by Mr Bernard Mason in the 1980s and had since been a much loved part of Colchester's museums.

However, the council did what it had intended to do all along and closed the museum, with a view to selling it off to the highest bidder - as it had done and is doing with so many other of our heritage buildings - The Town Hall, Camulodunum, Museums Resource Centre, Social History Museum, Layer Road football pitch, Greyfriars, etc. A deal was brokered with Wilkins Jam Co. of Tiptree, only to later find that they did not have a right of way to access the building. A true Fred Carno's Circus! It has since been converted into a fine tea house by the Charrington family (owners of Layer Marney Towers).

Here follows a series of photographs that were taken in October 2010, as well as some other items of related interest. The building has been emptied of most of its clock collection and now stands empty and decaying. Hollytrees Museum has some of the other clocks. The last we heard was that the remainder of the clock collection is in store, away from the public's gaze.

We at Camulos believed that Tymperleys was a priceless part of Colchester's heritage appeal. Its loss was an indicator of a visionless council.



Note the difference between these two pictures.

The first a postcard of around 1920 and the second from 2010.

Extra dormer windows in the roof. Exposed timbers, modified bay window on the ground floor, door removed on the ground floor, upper floor windows, re-arranged.


...and some of the clocks and exhibits that are on public display.















...and some details about Bernard Mason who once lived here.



Mrs E N Mason and her son Bernard owned this shop in Crouch Street, to the right of the Bull Hotel. The building still stands. The picture dates from the first world war period.




The Daily Gazette of 27th January 2011 announced the happy news that Tymperleys had been saved. A heritage trust, Colchester and North Essex Building Preservation Trust were holding final talks to take over responsibilty for running the museum.

The Gazette of 8th November 2011 announced the U turn by Colchester Borough Council in putting Tymperleys on the market, against strong public opinion.

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