060916 - Continued additions of postcards has been going on from time to time with some 1200 images now displayed, including new ones for our railway. We have also revised various of our heritage leaflets. Today we uploaded a much added-to page for the Colchester Oyster Feast, bringing in more information and pictures for the opening of the oyster fishery.

310314 - Colchester Remembers is a new page added to help with the commemoration of the centenery of the beginning of world war one.

040214 - Apart from the continued addition of postcards, we have since added new pages giving information about Woods of Colchester, once one of the largest employers in Colchester. Also we have produced a further three heritage leaflets that can be downloaded here, in support of visitors who are looking for heritage during their visit. This being an important anniversary year for the commencement of the 1914-18 war, we are adding details to our military heritage page with a view to creating a virtual museum, until such a tiime comes that we have a real military heritage museum in Colchester. A further addition is that of a link to an external page dealing with Colchester's medical heritage. Finally we have added pages to our Colchester Heroes page to commemorate those men who lost their lives in battle and who were from Boxted and Langham.

271013 - Many more postcards added, too many to mention. Just explore! Also added is a new page looking at saving our threatened military heritage buildings here.

211212 - Further postcards added as well as a large update to the Roman Circus pages.

011011 - Further postcards added with a large number of the 1909 Colchester Historical Pageant, donated to us by Alex Jones and shown here. Also a series of heritage leaflets designed as handouts to people, but also in downloadable form here.

271110 - Many new postcards added to the postcard pages here. Various additions and corrections made to Roman Circus, Camulodunum (Gosbecks) Park, Roman Heritage Trail, etc. pages. Also a page to the 'threatened with closure' (now closed 2011) Tymperleys Clock Museum here.

150610 - World Heritage Site? added here.

300310 - Gosbecks Archaeological Park added as a webpage here.

251009 - Intrigued by the gravestones of the ladies killed at Severalls Hospital in 1942 as the result of a German air strike, I searched the CWGC website and extrated all references to the civilians killed and buried in Colchester during the second war. Go here for details.

131009 - Apart from a redesigned home page, a few new postcards being added, a few extra gravestones on the cemetery site, some new town wall pictures following recent refurbishment work on the east side, a revised archer of the fayre page, etc. the biggest change recently is with the moving of the whole postcard collection across to another domain. This was due to our size limit being approached. Please let me know of any faulty links.

050109 - Several new post cards added, including a selection from Kevin Bond's collection.

211008 - Several new postcards added as well as an update to the Roman circus site following the planner's acceptance of a division of the site.

200808 - Additional details added for the Oyster Feast page and several new postcards added too. Politics page revised.

140608 - Pictures and comment added to the Virtual Tour for St Giles and St Johns after a guided tour given by Mark Davies. Also the archery page revised following the Oyster Fayre.

050608 - The Roman Circus page updated in view of Taylor Wimpey's offer to grant us two days per year access to see our circus here.

260208 - More early pictures added here. Colchester Festival removed.

160208 - More postcards added.

081207 - The pub page updated here.

031207 - The Commentator has posted a new page.

111107 - Additions made to the cemetery site here. Revisions made to the war memorial site here.

271007 - Revisions made to the Trafalgar page, specifically to Captain Thomas Pinto's details. Also a new page started for the Colchester Sea Cadets. Also some up to date views of what Harding Homes have done to two perfectly good buildings by knocking them down and building multi-storey flats in their place, here. Also the start of a new site concerning the Colchester Cemetery here.

071007 - Several more new postcards added. Also, the Inns Taverns and Pubs of Colchester book, published in 2007, added in pdf format here.

180907 - Several new postcards added here.

240607 - The Quaker web page removed after a complaint from Rosalind Kaye. We have no wish to upset anybody. Also much tidying up of the site, mending broken links, etc. Archer site revised following the latest Oyster Fayre.

050507 - The politics and commentator and Trafalgar pages all updated.

020507 - Extra postcards have been steadily added over these past few months, mostly for the garrison section. Also added are pictures of the Marquis pub on the virtual tour page. We are also working on updating the pub section to bring this up to date.

211106 - Some early pictures added on the postcard site here.

011006 - Colchester's War Memorial site added here.

160906 - A Feedback item added giving some lovely memories of Colchester. Also, a page remembering the Colchester men who lost their lives at the Battle of the Somme. Also a few more postcards added on various pages and some minor tweaking.

150806 - Several new postcards added to all three main pages. Especially pleased with the one of the war memorial which is of superb quality. The Colchester Festival pages removed due to the cancellation of the festival. Additional pictures added on E section and the Castle section of the Virtual Tour. Various modifications made to the Heritage, Circus and Town Wall pages in light of new developments.

090506 - 13 new postcards added. New councillors added here.

160206 - Politics pages removed due to police investigation. If I knew which local councillor it was who allegedly made the complaint to the police rather than discuss the matter with us, I would tell you. Also added a delightful postcard of the High Street here. Particularly pleased with it as it solves the question of where the Red Umbrella pub was, as recalled by a wartime visitor from Holland. JJ.

250106 - Several postcards added and Roman Circus and Boadicea and Witchcraft details added

081005 - Colchester Oyster Feast page added here

081005 - New Archaeology page created here

290905 - Colchester Festival site revised with pictures of 2005 here

290905 - Nine postcards added here

300805 - Colchester Men who had fought at Trafalgar here

230805 - Colchester Festival programme updated here

030505 - Postcards added for Headgate, High Street and Castle here

290405 - Roman bath house discovery added archaeology.htm#bath

290405 - Town Watch diary dates added townwatch.htm

290405 - What's On events added what.htm

200205 - Motorcycling page added biking.htm

220105 - Roman circus site pictures added

120105 - The discovery of the Roman circus was shown at circus.htm

161204 - A set of old pictures added to the postcards site at early.htm

061104 - Colchester Heritage page added at insafehands.htm

290904 - More postcards added at postcards.htm

170904 - Colchester Festival pictures for 2004 added

130704 - Archer of the Fayre added

100604 - Colchester Postcards - more cards added with notes

100604 - Colchester Politics - polls added

300404 - Colchester Postcards - more cards added with notes

300404 - Town Wall - information added on extra information page

150404 - Colchester Town Watch - information added

140404 - Virtual Town Wall Guide - site finalised


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