A village near Colchester, Essex, England.


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This page gives some easily accessed, static reference information, mostly relating to Fordham's heritage.

Fordham is a village of about 800 inhabitants, situated 6 miles north west of Colchester. It has a fine church, All Saints, which was mentioned in the 1086 Domesday Book.

Currently, it has one restaurant cum country pub and one tea-room, which used to be a pub.

In 2001, over 500 acres of Fordham land was donated to the Woodland Trust for the creation of a woodland environment. After more than two decades of tree planting, the village is much changed from the farming community that it used to be.

 Here are some further internet links that may be of interest to you.


Fordham Parish Council at: fordham-pc.gov.uk

Fordham All Saints Church: fordhamchurch.org.uk

The Three Horseshoes: threehorseshoesfordham.com

 The Shoulder: www.theshoulder.uk


Associated Facebook groups at:


Fordham Village: www.facebook.com/groups/182427775125309

Fordham Local History Society: www.facebook.com/groups/218292205197645

Fordham Local History Society Archaeology Group: www.facebook.com/groups/1588705881389741

The Fordham Vehicle Show: www.facebook.com/fordhamvehicleshow


few photographs of

some of our Fordham

locations and activities.

Copies of this book, as well a book called 'Fordham, A Photograph Album' are available from the local history group. Fordham artist, John Kay, also published a book entitled Fordham in Watercolour which is also available for purchase.


Please follow these links for further information

on a range of Fordham related matters.


Here is some history of one of our pubs, the Three Horseshoes,

now a restaurant rather than a pub.

The Three Horseshoes

Here is some history of our second pub, the Shoulder of Mutton,

now tea rooms and craft shop, rather than a pub.

The Shoulder of Mutton




Murder in Fordham

click here for the gory story.

Old Fordham Maps


Keep up to date with the church's activities and programme by clicking fordhamchurch.org.uk


Please also, from a history viewpoint, click here for pictures of the church interior, taken in 2007, as well as other historical images. The church has since undergone re-ordering and was re-opened in 2010.


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