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Honda Varadero outside Colchester's famous 11th century Norman Castle

Would you like to take a guided tour of Britain's Oldest Recorded Town from the convenient comfort of the rear seat of a touring style 1000cc Honda motorcycle?

 It would be considerably different to the open topped bus tour and much less energetic than the walking tour, both already provided through the Tourist Information Centre.


What Cost!

I will require payment of my running expenses, the overall cost being worked on a non-profit, non hire or reward basis - basically, petrol money!

Your own insurance is optional. My insurance is fully comprehensive cover. We will be connected by helmet to helmet intercom, so that you can control the extent of what we do.


Who am I?

My name is

Jess Jephcott.


  • I have an extensive knowledge of Colchester and its history.
  • I do not drive fast, keeping within speed limits at all times.
  • I have been riding motorcycles for over 30 years and have undergone advanced riding instruction.
  • I have undergone training as a tourist guide but am not a registered English Tourist Board guide.
For your own security, I will be pleased to offer references, where required. 


Why am I offering this tour?

I am offering this tour because I don't believe there will be many takers, because I love my town and its history and like to tell people about it - and because I enjoy motorcycling. Added to that, the tour would be unique, as there is no other of its type in the country.

Under no circumstances will I do a tour in wet, very windy or cold conditions. I value my comfort too much and our safety is my prime concern.

What is the tour about?

It is all about history! Colchester is the oldest recorded town in Britain and has a history that is second to none.

I will take you around the town, pointing out all places of interest and the history attached to them, stopping briefly where it is safe to do so. We will not leave the bike, so, if you wanted to have a further viewing of a particular site/sight, you would have to do it later by foot.

If you would like, I will take you further afield to places like Harwich, Maldon, Wivenhoe, etc, although my historical knowledge is limited in these areas.

What is the tour not about?  

It is not about thrills and spills, behaving carelessly or simply having a motorcycle ride.


What do I require of you?

You will require an interest in history, a warm, protective jacket (preferably leather), stout shoes and you must be over 18 years old, over 5 foot (150cm) tall and less than 15 stone (95kg) in weight. I will provide the safety helmet and intercom.

My decision as to whether I will take you on a tour will be one based on safety and will be final. This will mainly depend on your attire and your attitude.

I will also require you to sign a disclaimer, declaring that you accept that you participate at your own risk.

One last thing! A sense of humour would help.


How do you contact me?

by telephone on 01206 862111 work hours

or 01206 242228 home

by fax on 01206 862299

by email at

This Tour was first offered on 25th May 2000   



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