Some articles about Colchester, written by Jess Jephcott in 2014 and 2015,

and published in the Gazette and Essex County Standard.

1. Pre-Roman Colchester

2. Colchester's Railway

3. Colchester's Sewers

4. Colchester Firsts

5. Tudor Colchester


6. The Marquis of Granby Pub

7. Colchester Police Station

8. Colcheser Men at Waterloo

9. Colchester's Ladies of Negotiable Affections

10. The Red Lion Hotel

11. Colchester's Roman Wall


12. Colchester's Roman Circus


13. Colchester's Military Heritage


14. Colchester Men at War


15. Colchester's Mercury


16. Colchester's Brewers


17. Colchester's Port at the Hythe

18. Colchester's Pubs

19. St Nicholas Church

20. Colchester's Military Pub Names

21. Wartime Bombing.

There were other articles lined up, but which were never published. 

This run of articles was followed by a series written by Sir Bob Russell, High Steward of Colchester.


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