Eade, John

Eade, H F

Eagle, William C

Eardley-Russell, - (M.V.O.)

Earl, Clarence

Ebsworth, Alex

Eden, Bernard

Edwards, Alexandra

Edwards, Charles Antony

Edwards, C W

Edwards, George Wm

Edwards, Walter (M.M.)

Edwards, William James

Edwards, W T

Egerton-Green, John Wm E

Egerton-Green, Chas Scroop

Eley, A

Eley, Albert Edward

Ellison, E W

Ellison, T H J

Elliston, Alfred

Elliston, Ernest

Elliston, Tom

Enfield, Cecil

Enfield, C R

England, R

Euerby, John Wm

Evans, C E

Evans, Charles Herbert

Evans, Herbert Lawrence

Evans, Herbert Leonard

Everett, Bertie

Everett, E C

Everett, Ernest

Everett, Fredk Charles

Everett, Reuben W

Everett, Walter Reginald

Eves, Reginald Victor

Evett, S

Fairhead, Thos Harry

Farley, Albert Victor

Farley, Thomas

Farrow, W J

Fayers, A F

Felgate, A E Leonard

Fenning, Chas Daniel

Fieldgate, Robt Leslie

Fincham, Chas Joseph

Fincham, Stanley A

Firmin, Albert Edward

Fisher, Cecil

Fisher, Edwin Mundella

Fisher, John Proctor

Fisher, Hoseph Wm Jas

Fisher, Walter Gerald

Fitch, Walter J

Fitz-Gibbon, B N

Flatt, George H

Flayde, Frederick

Fleming, J H

Fletcher, Ralph Edwin

Flin, R V

Flux, Jack

Foley, Timothy L

Folkard, G S

Folkard, L

Folkard, W

Folkard, W F

Folkard, W L B P

Fookes, Charles V

Foster, Frederick William

Foster, James

Fox, W

Francis, J M

Francis, John Walter

Francis, William

French, A H

French, Charles H

French, Thomas

French, William F

Frewer, Samuel B

Frewer, Walter B

Frost, Arthur Albert

Frost, Francis C S

Frost, Sidney H

Frostick, Percy

Futrill, W

Gallagher, J

Game, Arthur

Game, A W

Gant, Arthur John

Gant, Joseph

Gardner, Edgar Harold

Gardner, F

Gardner, Walter

Garritt, J

Garrod, Herbert

Garwood, William

Gaskin, P

Gaskin, S

Gasson, Albert John

Gatford, H

Geernaert, Douglas

Geernaert, Osmond

Geernaert, T J

Gell, John

Gell, Philip

George, G W S St

George, Harry S

George, K

Gerrard, O C

Gibbons, Charles

Gibbons, George

Gibson, George

Giddens, L

Giddings, Leonard M K

Giles, Bertie A E

Gill, W R

Gillard, Victor

Gillings, George

Gilmore, T F

Gladwell, G

Glassfurd, James

Glover, B J

Godfrey, E

Goldsmith, A

Gomer, Royal Reginald

Gommo, George R

Gooch, Percy

Goodall, Wilfred Henry

Goodey, Abraham

Goodey, C G

Goodwin, G F

Goodwin, G F

Goodwin, Thomas

Goodridge, A

Goody, William

Goold, A

Goose, P

Gouch, L S

Gough, S A

Gould, William

Gowen, Frederick A

Gowen, Herbert James

Gowen, R G

Gowing, Herbert James

Gray, Arthur

Gray, R H

Grayson, Raymond

Greaves, Frank

Green, Arthur

Green, Ernest

Green, J W

Green, Sidney Charles

Green, Thomas Henry

Green, William A

Greenfield, Frederick

Greenleaf, C A

Greenwood, A E

Greenwood, A P

Greenwood, George

Greenwood, George Jesse F

Gregory, Arthur

Grimsey, F A

Grimsey, F R

Grimsey, Isaac

Grimwood, Albert Percy

Grimwood, J C

Grundy, G

Gunn, Ralph

Gurdeon, R C

Guyott, Frederick






Rank: Lance Corporal

Service No: 202581

Date of Death: 23/08/1918

Age: 21

Regiment/Service: Essex Regiment 10th Bn.

Grave Reference: II. C. 13.


Additional Information: Son of Charles and Sarah Flatt, of 136, Hythe Hill, Colchester.



The following came from Colchester historian Joan Soole in October 2011 concerning brothers killed in action.

You may have seen the article in the Standard two weeks ago entitled "Brothers in Arms". It was about some of the brothers who were KIA in WW1, ie the two Brunwin-Hales sons of the Rector of St Mary's Church, now the Arts Centre. The article also asked for any info on the three Thomas brothers of Nunn's Road who were KIA, together with the Ablitts these wre the only sets of three brothers KIA.

I have had a very interesting e mail from a Marianne Geernaert who is the Widow of a John Geernaert who had three Uncles all killed in the Ist World War. The name is not English, the father of John Geerhaerts' Uncles was a Joseph John Geernaert from Ghent in Belgium who was a member of the British-German Legion who fought in the Crimean War. At the end of the War he stayed in Colchester, married a local girl and had 15 children.

The three Uncles, two brothers and one cousin all served with the Canadian Forces and one had also served with the United States Marine Corps - that must a first for Colchester. All their names are on the Roll of Honour and have I e mailed the Canadian Veterans Site at their Embassy in London for further information.

Someone in the Geernaert family has compiled a family tree and I am hoping that I can have access to it. I am going to let the ECN have all this information as I think it would make a very good story. As soon as I receive any info from the Veterans Site I'll let you have it.




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