The following memorials are recorded at the Lexden War Memorial. Some information has been added from other sources. The transcription was done by Mr Peter Potter of Colchester, in 1999 and whose initial idea resulted in this

COLCHESTER HEROES website being produced




 *Lt Harold Martin SOAMES 23/8 Binche Bel 20th Hussars Son of Wm of Farnham

**Pte Albert Kenningale NEVARD 10/11 Ypres A&S Highl (1/2 Bro to Wm 1917 )


Lt C W St GEORGE 28 Ypres Gurkha Rifles

Rifleman Malcolm Albert MANN 9/5 Fromelles 2nd R B Son of Walter/Kezia South St

L/Cpl Thomas THURLOW 9/5 St Jean 2nd Essex Rangers

Sergt Joseph LANAGAN 10/5 Folkestone 9th Yorkshire R Son of Joseph

Trooper Ernest Percival MUNSON 13/5 Ypres R Horse Guards Son of Wm/Frances London Rd

*Capt Cecil Edward Howard MORTON 18/5 Gallipoli R M L I


Wm David PONDER 19/2 France 9th R Fusiliers Son of Eliza of Heybridge

Pte Frederick GUYOTT 30/3 France 10th Essex R Son of Alfred/Anna

Pte Vernon Keith MERCHANT 6/6 Ypres 55th (NBRSWK) Canadn R Son of Wm/Maria

Pte Edward Albert MILLS 9/9 High Wood Somme 2nd R Sussex R

2nd Lt Henry David KEIGWIN 20/9 Somme Lancashire F Son of Chas/ Louisa Lexden

L-Segt Chas Wm MANN 26/9 Guillemont Somme 1st Grenadier G Son of Fredk/Maria

Pte Frederick C EVERETT 26/9 Thiepval 10th Essex R

Pte Frank GREAVES 12/10 Somme 7th Seaforth Highr Son of Late Benjamin/Anne Leyton

Pnr Edgar Harold GARDNER(Teacher) 22/10 Somme 4th Special Cpy R E Son of Franklin/ Louisa Stratford

Pte Alfred Chas CLAYDEN 11/11 Somme 10th Essex Rangers Son of James/ Eliza Husband of M.M

Cpl Wm Ernest MOSS 12/12 Arras 9th Essex R son of Mr/Mrs E.E Spring Lane


Sergt Edward Josselyn HALLUM 17/2 France 22nd R Fusiliers Son of Henrietta Frinton

*Pte Wm Kenningale NEVARD 10/4 Vimy Ridge 29th Canadian R Wm/ Elvina Straight Rd Lexden Hus of Lucy

Pte Frederick BILNER 17/4 France R W Kent P (R)? Son Chas Sarah Goss Road

Gnr Herbert Frederick EADE 1/7 France 136th (Seige) Batt R C A Brother of James Bristol

Pte George Henry DYER 1/8 Flanders 12th R Fusiliers Son of George Colne Road

Pte Wm HILLIARD 30/9 Nicde Asia Minor 6th Essex R

Pte Bertie Robert MUNSON 12/11 Ypres 5th Batt Canadian E F Son of Wm/Frances London Rd

Lt Roderick Hubert GRAY MC 2/12 Nr Bourlon Wood Cambria 1st Batt R H A Son of Roderick

Pte J ATKINSON 17/12 France 11th Border Reg Son of Ada 21 Colne Road


2nd Lt Wm Henry STORK 11/1 Nr Laincourt 3rd Dragoon Guards Husband of Annie Bournmouth

Pte Chas Bertie DAWES 22/3 France 8th R I Hussars Son of James Elizabeth W.Brom Hus of Kate Lond' Rd

Pte Chas KING 2/4 597th Empl Coy 2nd Suffolk R

Pte Frederick HILLIARD 3/4 Centelles Nr Amiens 10th Essex R

Corpl Arthur C JARRETT 26/8 Baku Russia 7th North Staff R

Pte A H BAINES 8/10 Bel Aise Farm Bosquet Nr Cambria 10th R Fusiliers Son of Alfred 12 Straight Rd

Gnr Cecil George KEEPING 21/10 Cambria 366th Seige Batt R C A Husband of Emily Lexden St

Lt Ernest Laurence RUCK-KEENE 21/12 Constantinople R N Staff of CinC Meditn Son of Late Geo Jessie Church Ho


Gnr C PERCIVAL 5/2 Umbala India 1096th Bt R F A Son of Chas Esther Hus of Janet King Coel Rd

*Corpl Evelyn Theodore BEAUMONT 18/2 Lexden Army Pay Corps


Second World War

1939 to 1945


95212, Lt M D AITKEN Son of Ian/Mariquita Queens Bays

Michael Edward 27/5

1662002, Sgt J N DUNCAN Son of James/Elizabeth, Hus of Enid Argyle & S/Land

James 11/6

66160, Capt C E N MORTON Son of Cecil/Evel Royal West Kents

Cecil Edward John 26/11

C/JX 160315, Boy S MUSK R N

Sydney Nathaniel 9/6

9836, Major W A SMELLIE Son of Wm/Annie, Hus Elizabeth Dorset Reg/Gen List

Wm Archibald 1/6

43641, F/O A J STORRIE Son of Alex/J A R A F

Alexander James 20/11


Lt Com P COATS HUTTON DSC Son of Wm/Ethel, Hus Mary R N R

Peter 27/3

P/JX 261454, Stoker O'MARA Son of Albert/Mabel, Hus Margaret R N

Donald Henry 19/12


Comr R A B ARDLEY Son Arthur/Annie, Hus Phoebe R N R

Richard Arthur Blyth 12/9

C/JX 181909, Boy/Telle J P DUNNE Son of George/Elizabeth R N

James Palluck 27/2

T/ 3445661, Dvr J HENSHALL Son Henry/Ivy R A S C

James 25/3

6018223, L/Cpl H C KIRK Son of Alexander/Sybil R C Sig

Henry Cecil 14/11


Eric Victor 27/5

1476644, Sgt B A TOTHAM Arthur/-, Hus Grace R A F

Bernard Arthur 13/2


35701, Major W N WHITE-THOMPSON Son of Leonard/Margaret, Hus Leonore Royal Fusiliers

Walter Norman 29/9

37714, W/Com A S B BLOMFIELD DFC Son of Mr/Mrs S R A F

Arthur Samuel Barton 17/10

Lt A P COCKS Son of Arthur/Trixie, Grimsby R N V R

Arthur Patrick 22/6

640462, Sgt R FRANCIS Son of Wm/Mrs, Hus Vera, Saffron Waldon R A F

Reginald William Mulley 17/11

2765767, Pte B T STEELE Son of Bernard/Winifred Black Watch

Bernard Thomas 19/7


62592, Mgr P W C PAPILLON Son of Harold/Barbara Suffolk Reg

Philip Walter Garnier 28/6

135090, F/O N PLEASANCE Son of Samuel/Gladys, Hus Margaret R A F

Nigel Leslie St George 19/7

14333053, Fus F C ROGERS Son of Wm/Ellen Royal Fusiliers

Frederick Chas 2/7

1890853, Sgt C B TODD Son of Frederick Getrude R A F

Colin Barry 24/2


John Alvin 14/8

14407766, Pte D FRANCIS Son of Wm Mary R Norfolk

Douglas Walter 18/7

14655723, Pte A P HART Son of Arthur/Gertrude Hampshire Rgt

Arthur Peter 3/10

14403918, Pte J WILSON Son of Mr/Mrs JWH Lincolnshire Rgt

James Walter 9/6

791413, Gnr B MILLS R A

Bertie 5/9

153605, F/O WRIGHT Son of Wm/Edith R A F

Brian Edward 17/12

T/215743, Dvr S MUSK Son of Sydney/Eva R A S C

Herbert Francis Sinclair 29/10


894663, Sergt L E GARRARD Essex Yeomanry

Leslie 2/3

1543480, Gnr F SMITH Son of Frank/Alice R A

Frederick 25/7


Please let us know any further information that you have about those shown above.



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