Colchester's Military Heritage

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Colchester Men at Trafalgar
Colchester Men at Waterloo
Colchester Men at Gallipoli
Colchester Men at the Somme
Colchester Men at Jutland
Colchester Men at Passchendaele
Colchester Men in 1918


14 Colchester Men Killed in Action

or died of their wounds during

The Last Ten Days of the War



 Two men of the East Lancashire Regiment died on the same day and are buried in the same graveyard.

Two men were buried in Colchester Cemetery, so, presumably, they died of their wounds here.

Henry Thomas Millard, aged 18, died on the last day of the war.




War Despatches - Western Front - 1917-1918

Sir Douglas Haig 21st November 1918


Here follow extracts from these despatches.





We will remember them.


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