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This is Jess and Theresa's Honda first Varadero, standing in front of the biggest Norman castle ever built, in Colchester, the oldest recorded town in Britain. This Vara was purchased from Red Line Honda in Colchester in 1999. She gave us a lot of fun and took us to VIM2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9. We bought a second Varadero in 2008 and she took us to VIM 10 in Hungary, VIM 12 in Austria and VIM14 in Catalonia.

We were also delighted to be welcomed by our French brothers and sisters at their 2009 meeting and subsequent meetings. We bought our third and last Varadero in 2012, the last of the breed, before the model faded away into distant memory and the Crosstourer took over, soon followed by the new generation Africa Twin.

We first made contact with the Big Man, Bernard Stikfort of the Netherlands, whose website contained much information for Varaderoists and, all important, Richard's message board. All that is now history, as our means of communictions have changed through websites and Facebook pages.

French Varadero Riders at:

Honda Varadero Riders at:  



(We were too late for VIM1; VIM4 in Greece, VIM8 in Sicily and VIM 11 in Turkey were too far for us;

VIM13 in Slovenia and VIM16 in Norway were not possible for us due to the June date. We moved permanently to live in France in 2017.

Sorry guys but VCIM18 in Germany was not possible due to our needing to be in the UK for our house sale and VCIM19 in Sweden is just too far for us.)


We thought that we would give a British view of Varadero riding with this web page, especially as our European friends have done so much for the cause already.

Above and below, you will find links to other Varadero sites.

The following links are our personal diaries of the various VIMs (later renamed VCIMs, international) and VUKs (UK) and Varaderomanias (France) that we have attended.

Whilst we would be pleased to receive your comments on any issue, please share any views that you may have with the rest of the community on the various forums of the links above.

Only the International and the UK sites have English language forums.

VIM 2 - 2000 in Luxembourg
VIM 3 - 2001 in Austria
VIM 5 - 2003 in Germany
VIM 6 - 2004 in Portugal
VIM 7 - 2005 in Poland
VIM 9 - 2007 in Northern Ireland
VIM 10 - 2008 in Hungary
Varad'Oc 2009
VIM 12 - Alpine and Varadahu 2010
VIM 14 - Tarragona and VaraMedoc 2012
VIM 15 - Wales and VaraVeyron 2013 and VaraderoUK 2013
VaraForez 2014 and VaraderoUK 2014
VCIM 17 - France and Varabien Revoir Ma Normandie 2015
VaraDrome 2016 and VaraderoUK 2016
VaraTarn 2017
VaraMassembre 2018 and VIM 20 - Andorra 2018
VaraDahu2 2019  
VIM 21 - Denmark 2019
VIM 22 - Poland 2021
VIM 23 - Isle of Man



Varadero UK



The International Varadero Forum


Varadero France  

Varadero Spain

...and here are a few VIM logos.



Varaderomania - France

Varad'Oc in 2009 - Our 1st

VaraDahu in 2010 - 2nd

we missed VaraArdennes in 2011

VaraMedoc in 2012 - 3rd

VaraVeyron in 2013 - 4th

VaraForez in 2014 -5th

VaraBienRevoirMaNormandie in 2015 - 6th

VaraDrome in 2016 - 7th

VaraTarn in 2017 - 8th


 VaraMassembre in 2018 - 9th

VaraDahu2 in 2019 - 10th




The 2005 Model

The 2007 Model

The 2007 XL1000V Varadero comes loaded with a host of new features that enhance its styling, convenience and long-term riding comfort for longer years of crosstown or cross-continent riding enjoyment.

New Instrument Panel The Varadero's newly designed instrument panel features new dial designs for a more attractive look and easier recognition, and a new fuel mileage gauge that calculates remaining driving distance based on fuel volume and current fuel consumption.

New Locking Side Pockets For added riding convenience, the Varadero's cockpit now features convenient new carrying compartments built into the sides of the cockpit area, which help keep needed smaller riding essentials within easy reach. As these pockets also feature locking lids, the security of these essentials when parked is also assured.

New Seat Shape The Varadero's seat contours have also been carefully redesigned for greatly enhanced riding comfort for both rider and passenger over longer touring distances.

New Sidecover Panels The Varadero's sidecover panels have been newly redesigned for more compact and stylish shapes that also lend easier access to hard-to-reach service points and other functional parts.

New Tail Cowl Design The new 2007 Varadero also features a new, more sleekly designed tail cowl, which tapers with smoothly rounded rear contours into a large, fully integrated combination tail/stop light and clear-lens indicators for a more modern look and enhanced visibility from the rear.

New Tail Pipe Caps The Varadero's prominent twin high-mount exhausts play a distinctive role in its impressive Adventure Touring design. Now these large stainless steel canisters receive a more cosmopolitan look with new decorative form-fitted end caps, which provide a stylish accent on the Varadero's intrepid go-anywhere design.

New Aluminium Undercowl The Varadero's large resin undercowl has been replaced with a more sturdy new aluminium lower cowl that enhances protection of lower engine components while providing a more rugged look as well.

New HECS3 Low-Emissions System In keeping with the latest in environmental protection laws and Honda's ongoing efforts to protect the air we breath, the 2007 Varadero features a new HECS3 oxygensensing catalytic exhaust gas converter system. This system effectively controls engine operation to minimise the emissions of harmful gasses and ensure full compliance with Europe's strict EURO-3 emissions regulations, all while maintaining the top performance and swift acceleration for which the Varadero has won renown.

New Colour Variations The Varadero's new colour variations feature two-tone graphics that exude a lighter, more luxurious image whether at stop or on the move.

Engine Engine Type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve DOHC 90° V-twin, Engine Displacement 996cm3, Bore & Stroke 98 x 66mm, Compression Ratio 9.8: 1, Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection, Max. Power Output 69kW/7,500min-1 (95/1/EC), Max. Torque 98Nm/6,000min-1 (95/1/EC), Ignition Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance, Starter Electric .

Transmission Gearbox 6-speed, Final Drive O-ring sealed chain

Dimensions and Weight Length x Width x Height 2,300 x 930 x 1,465mm, Wheelbase 1,560mm, Seat Height 838mm, Ground Clearance 181mm, Fuel Capacity 25litres (including 4-litre warning light reserve), Dry Weight 244.2kg

Wheels, Suspension and Brakes Wheels Front Hollow-section triple-spoke cast aluminium, 19M/C x MT2.5, Wheels Rear Hollow-section triple-spoke cast aluminium, 17M/C x MT4, Tyres Front 110/80-R19M/C (59H), Tyres Rear 150/70-R17M/C (69H), Suspension Front 43mm telescopic fork, 155mm axle travel, Suspension Rear Pro-Link damper with 40-step spring preload (and stepless rebound damping) adjustment, 145mm axle travel, Brakes Front ABS 296 x 4.5mm dual hydraulic disc with Combined 3-piston callipers and sintered metal pads, Brakes Rear ABS 256 x 5mm hydraulic disc with Combined 3-piston calliper and sintered metal pads


The 2012 Model


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