Jess' Account of his two 2018 Varadero Meetings.
 This is another grand adventure that I would like to share with you. My personal circumstances have changed and I can no longer claim this to be Jess and Theresa's account, as it used to be. It is now mine alone.

Theresa and I retired from work, sold our house and emigrated from the UK to France in February 2017. Theresa has since decided that motorcycling is no more for her. She has retired and she is happy to let me play. She has her paradise now and she is determined that there will be no more riding on bikes with her geriatric husband. She will stay at home, in the sun, with our three dogs and enjoy her retirement.

I was pleased to be able to attend both the French Varaderomania meeting in the Ardennes, Belgium, and the international VIM in Andorra, this year. My account is therefore split in two. I share my experience of both meetings with you in the form of a diary and pictures. For me, a Varadero meeting begins at the point I leave home and ends at the same place. It is my annual Varadero adventure.

I have owned three Varaderos since my first was purchased in 1998. My current Varadero was bought new in August 2012, last of the model XL1000VA. A 2012 shasta white model with ABS, centre stand, heated grips, panniers and top box. To that I added a 12 volt charging socket, a Palmer Products screen, and my old Garmin Zumo 550 GPS system. Plus, this time, from bitter experience, a set of crash bars.



Please click on the above logo for my account of the

13th French Varaderomania meeting

which was held a week before VIM 20 in Andorra.




Please click on the above logo for my account of the

20th Varadero International Meeting

which was held a week after the French meeting.

To contact me please email to

Jess or Theresa Jephcott, 11240 Hounoux, near Carcassonne, France



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