Varadero UK - 13th to 15th September 2013.

Mersea Island, Essex, England.

This account is from Jess and Theresa Jephcott (aka Sdapeze on the forum) of Colchester, Essex.

13th September 2013, Friday - This was to be the first day of the Varadero UK meeting. When we arrived at Waldegraves Holiday Park we saw that a few had only just arrived, Gareth, Simon and Cliff, and they were off looking for a supermarket to buy some provisions, ie beer. So joined them and had a chat before going back, finding the caravans and settling in. ie beer placed in fridge. Then to the bar for a beer and to await others. The weather wasn't too good. Soon after, the tattooed Phil (RebuiltV3) found us, together with his daughter Sash. Soon after, Spence turned up, got settled in and joined us. Where was Big Dave and Mrs Big Dave? They sent a text to say they had left Morecambe at 4pm and would be with us around 10pm. Sadly, it was not to be. We went for a meal and awaited them, getting a worrying message that there had been an 'off' and that they were trying to sort things out. It was raining quite badly. They turned up around midnight, the bike dented but the two of them lucky to only have bruises. They had hit some water and the bike front came away under them. All Linda wanted was a beer when they finally found us in the caravan. So that was our little group all arrived.

14th September 2013, Saturday - Cooked breakfast for everybody, one at a time, in the caravan. Bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, etc. The weather was good, surprisingly, as the forecast had been bad. So we all took a ride into Colchester, stopped first at Sean Davies place to get Big Dave' brake lever bent back into shape and then on for photos at the Balkerne Gate, the Castle and then down to the Hythe to go aboard the lightship. Then off down to Walton, stopping at the Naze by the tower and then at the Biker cafe on the front by the Albion. Some of the folk were tired and decided to head back to base. Simon, Phil, Big Dave and us two decided to carry on with the ride and headed over to Lavenham, via Kersey and other villages. Time was getting on by then, so we headed back to base, the weather staying good. A beer in the bar and a super meal in the camp restaurant and all were happy.

15th September 2013, Sunday - Up and to breakfast with the others at the restaurant on site. Whilst we could have had another day riding, people decided that they would head home and hope for the best with the impending bad weather. Then we said our goodbyes to them all as they all went on their way home, hoping for good weather for their respective trips. Cliff with a dodgy clutch and Big Dave with his bent bike. Numpty decided to stay on and work, as the caravan was all paid for.


26th September 2016