Varadero UK - 19th to 21st September 2014.

Hardraw, North Yorkshire, England.


This account is from Jess and Theresa Jephcott (aka Sdapeze on the forum) of Colchester, Essex.


19th September 2014, Friday - Up and to breakfast and to packing our things onto the bike. A long ride up to Hardraw taking a foggy detour across Snake Pass. The weather really spoiled it but we pressed on. Arrived at the Green Dragon around 6pm and were greeted by some of the others already there and sitting outside the pub with a beer. We had the rather posh Wordsworth Suite.

20th September 2014, Saturday - Awoke to the news that the Scots have rejected independence. Too right they have the idiots! Down to breakfast and then off at 10am for along ride to Whitby in the mist and rain. Not particularly enjoyable ride as the landscape was so obscured. A wander around Whitby with a restaurant stop for some fish and chips and then away back again, the weather a little better. A nice meal in the bar with the guys.

21st September 2014, Sunday - We had to go home today but decided on going some of the way on the Lake District ride and then peeling off. We opted to ride with Bernard as there were doubts about a large group of bikes through with all the tourists on the road. As it turned out we had some superb riding on a lot of empty small roads. A beautiful part of the country for sure. We had had enough by 2.30pm when we still had not reached the Woolpack, somewhere that was selected for a lunch stop, and so we headed home on our 6 hour journey back. Long ride but fairly easy with a few slow points. Good to be home.



26th September 2016