Ipswich Road roundabout c1935

9158 RAP Co Ltd

postally unused


1 - 1282

Lexden Park looking north

50686 Valentines

Postmarked Aug 1908, Wilfred Fallen, Balham Hill


The Sun pub on the right

IXL Series printed in Germany

postally unused



RAF Co Ltd 9158

postally unused

4 - 420

Lexden Road

Sep 1904, Master Donald Schaby?, c/o Mr Selsby, comment that this is where Bill Bailey takes his walk.

5 - 600

unused, M and R C

6 - 600

S and S C  Postally unused

7 - SOLD

Lexden Church, postmarked August 1930 to Miss M A Ainsworth, Mayor Street, Bolton, from Florrie

8 - 584

Entitled Lexden Village, this card was posted in January 1906 to Miss Drury of Brentwood by Chaney.

9 - 874

Postmarked 28th July 1910 to Miss ereant of Sta Saviors, Jersey, from ? 147 7379

10 - 290

Valentines 57089, unused

11 - 2252

Wellesley Road looking north towards Lexden Road. Posted August 10th 1906 to Mr G Hurrell of Ilford. Marked 2607 on back.

12 - kb19

2150, unused, by S & SC


15 London Road, Lexden. Tram in the distance. Card sent to Mrs W H Gale of Enfield. Date unclear by George V stamp and a year starting with 191-.


3. Sent August 1933 to Mr and Mrs Martham of Norwich by Dick.


unused card by Boots Cash Chemists 'Pelham' Series No 1001. Note the donkey and cart.

(see the colour version below)


W7180 Wyndham Series. Unused


W7180 Wyndham Series. This is the same card as the previous but with the exception that it has been coloured. Because of this, a little of detail has been lost. Sent 27th November 1905 to Miss Kelley of Leadenham


Tram Terminus at Lexden. No 148. Tram No 10. Card sent 7th August 1906 to Mrs H Fricker of Ipswich.




No 147. Sent 1st October 1907 to Mis E Johnston? c/o Miss Bawtree of Lexden Road


Old Oil Mills, Lexden. There is an interesting story behind this card. A reservoir was created there and still exists today, if you know where to look. HGRC Photo by Gill. Posted (Edward VII stamp) to Mrs K Watson of Battersea by, what looks like, Fred Maybury, who seems to have been an actor, playing Demon Rat in Kennington Panto. He asks after Louis.


9014 Boots Cash Chemists 'Pelham' Series. 9014 Unposted.

(see black and white version above.)


Unused card by W. Lexden Springs


Raphael Tuck and Sons 'Oilette' of Lexden Springs. 7209. Unused.



1 - SOLD

Card recalling the Colchester Earthquake in 1884

Posted April 1906 to Hugh Rooney from his mother

362 H G R C

Note the missing piece off the spire. Only the tower now stands in the centre of the Lion Walk shopping area.

2 -

postmarked August 1906, to Miss Bolton of Hoddesdon, from A Turner, commenting that 'this is a view of Rev F Y Leggatt's church'. Photo by Gill, H G R C

3 - 360

Lion Walk Church interior, HGRC Photo by Gill, postally unused


Sent 20th October 1906 to Miss Coombs of Sudbury. Card by John Walker and Co, London.


18 - 965

Long Wyre Street around 1910, looking north. Unused card , M Series No 386


see also A336 below


Long Wyre Street looking north from Eld Lane. A similar view to card 18 above but this view shows the sign of the Rainbow public house on the right of the street. Unused. The Woodbury Series No 1156.







This is the same card as above but it has been hand coloured. Note the loss of detail.


Sent to Miss Lizzie Turner, c/o Mr Rice of Ipswich on 14th July 1905


1 - 487

Middle Mill

The Star Series

George V stamp, Pte Ernie H Everett, Weeley

2 - sold

postally unused

3 - sold


postally unused

4 -

Middle Mill at Colchester (since demolished). Postally unused but written on back from Edith to Charles and dated 14 July 1937


S8052 by Kingsway. Sent Oct 1919 to Miss Cissy Whitbread of Manchester by Dad? and Jennie


W7167 The Wyndham Series. Unused.


H G R C Photo by Gill. Unused.


24/14 260 The British Mirror Series. Sent to Miss Grace Culham of Balham in August 1909.


Photo by Gill. H G R C.Postage stamp removed. Card sent to Miss Bonner of Gt Portland Street, London by Lily.


Unposted. 1880 marked but is that the date or a serial number?


24/35 The Knight Collection. Unused.

An Original mid-20th Century Acrylic on Canvas Painting of Middle Mill, Castle Park, Colchester in Essex by Les Burrows.

Middle Mill in Castle Park, Colchester was first known in the 1100s and was the King’s Mill and part of Colchester Castle. The mill, which was a corn mill, was repaired many times over the centuries. In the 1930s the mill changed ownership and the machinery was stripped out , in the early 1950s the local council took over the mill and then demolished it. This painting was completed in 1953 just before the demolition of the mill and so is a historical record of such a locally important building. Not a postcard but this image placed here for interest and for the sheer beauty of it.


1 - sold

Tram No 3 at Middleborough c1920

2 - x

The Cattle Market

donated image










Not a postcard. Aphotograph looking south, with the Market Tavern on the right, the cattle market to its left and North Hill running up and into the distance.

July 1959.


Middleborough No 7 Sent to Miss Ethel Welch of Tunbridge Wells on Oct 9 year unknown but George V stamp. Sender at 2 Shrubland Road. Market Tavern of Daniells and Son in the background, flock of sheep in the foreground.


1 - 716

S and S C 2613 unused

2 - 1094

Mile End Street, sent to Miss Elliott of 200 Old Kent Road, S E London on 9th Sept 1909 by Dolly

3 -

The New Asylum, Myland

Published by W Tipper, Newsagent, Myland, posted 1912? to Mrs Stuart of Dublin by Bridie Delahenty?


An aerial view of Severalls Hospital. R14404.Unused card by Aerofilms Ltd.


Severalls Mental Hospital from the air. No 3904. By Surrey Flying Services. Pencil not saying that the pictures was taken in September 1925. Unposted.


1 - 495

North Bridge

50645 JV

Harry to Ethel, no date

2 - 250

S and S C, Dated Apr 1905

To Miss L Stebbins of Saxmundham from Grace

3 - 625

Valentines Series 57347. Posted between 1911 and 1935 (George V stamp). to Miss E Gardiner of Great Oakley.

4 - 191

Unused, Valentines Series, 220487, c1930

5 - kb13

A975/715 84346, posted Aug 1909, W H S & Son





posted Aug 15 year unclear but Ed VII. to Miss G Harrison of Edgbaston by Syd. W H S and Son.


10 256 Unposted.


989 6214 Unused.


A view from North Bridge. Unused.


The Castle Inn. Unused.


Sent to Master Teddie Hemingway of Darfield, Yorks on 1st Jan 1910 by scratched out but mentions Antonio. Poyser Series.


67347 JV. Valentines Series. Unused.


Heraldic Series by W H S and Son. Unused.


Sent to Miss M Kingsbury of Maldon on 5th April 1913 by W.


Published by H Smith, 40 North Hill, unused.


41147 Unused.




1112 unused.











Sent to Miss Win Taylor of Tooting by Alf? on 9th August 1909.


Published by W Howe General Stores, 34 North Hill. Unused. 5813-294


50685 JV Sent to Mrs E Wareham in Dorset on 6th May 1919 by Alf who was aexpecting to be demobbed. Joslin advertisement on side of the tram.


The IXL Series. Sent 15th July 1907 to Mrs Ethel Bowman of Snettisham by George at The Camp.


This is one of a series of panoramic postcards, although somebody has cut this one in half. Unused and produced by WHS and Son. 82943 A964/714



1 - 260

North Hill

60191 Harvey Barton

postally unused


North Hill

31199 JV

postmarked Sep 1914, Mrs M Jowett, Bingley

3 - 750

North Hill looking north

postmarked 1924

4 -

84344 a 975/715 postally unused

5 - 695

unused, 1060, 10 80904

'The building with the canopy on the left in number 29 North Hill, and is a tailors and outfitters going by the name of Broom's'. John Broom, Barnsley

6 - 450

Postally unused

7 -

Posted September 1955, to Hession? of Massachusetts, printed by Photochrom Co Ltd

8 - 576

postally unused, by Photocrom Co Ltd but compare the similarity with the preceding card dated 1955. Two pubs are shown; the Coach and Horses (demolished) and the Marquis of Granby.

9 - 364

Valentine Series, 31190 JV. posted 17th Sep 1907 to Mrs Dickenson of Newton, Yorks, with mention of Ted and Prissy?

10 - 610

North Hill showing a tram which started running July 28th 1904. Posted 6th Sep 1904 to Mr Harold Preston of Blackpool

11 - 464

Unused card, s6745

12 - 470

card by Cullingford and Co, Colchester, SH 1871. sent August 1914 to Mrs R Whittington of Yiewsley.

13 - 795

385 M Series, 24 Queen Victoria St, London EC, unused but after 1904 as the tram lines can be seen. Edward Broom, Tailor and Hatter on left. J Rutkin. A & L Noy. The Marquis of Granby. Evans further up.

14 - 425

Valentines K823, postally unused. Approx 1950

15 - 427

M and RC unused card of St Peters Church

16 - 129

Frith CCR12 unused card

17 - kb12

Posted May 1905, shows the Coach and horses pub on the right, St Peter's Street on the left. (kindly offered for copy by Kevin Bond)




A261 - 2199

Sent 18th April 1905 to Miss Pemberton of South Kensington by Katie.

18 - kb14

by Photochrom, 84450, unused

19 - 1200

The Wyndham Series, W7156, sent to L/Sergeant G C Rickword at Sutton Mandeville with a George V stamp. Showing the Marquis of Granby pub as it was before a fire and rebuild around 1914. Truman, Hanbury and Buxton were the owners. There are no tramlines so the date would be around 1903. A sign on the building on the right hand side has the word Chignall (we think).


Posted September 1907 to Mrs Mudge of Great Stainbridge by MBS.


A photograph not a postcard with a date of August 1965. Bus TVX 496 climbs North Hill. United Dominions Trust to the right.


North Hill, HRCL No 11. Daniel and Sons on window of building on left with what looks like Cock and Pye on the sign./ A J Lucking and Co Milliners advertised on the tram. Trevelyan Commercial Hotel on the right and, further down, a sign with the word Spirits, where the Chaise and Pair would have been. Date c1914. Unposted


13 42420 card by Jackson and Son of Grimsby, Jay Em Jay Series. unposted


84346 card by WHS and Son. Posted in 1907 to Captain G R Mott of Farnborough. The picture looks north with the Castle pub in view.


Posted April 1912 to Miss Rasmage? of Regents Park, London. Card by Poyser and Co.


Posted January 1914 to Miss M Sales of Brightlingsea by Geo. Card by Art Series A T S, C.


Posted July 1907 to Mr J Keymer of Aylsham, Norfolk by Fred. Card by The British Mirror Series 24/5 269.


Unused card by L P THomson of Needham Market. Date around 1960. Trumans sign of the Marquis of Granby pub on the left.


Unused card published by H G R C Photo by Gill.. Wagon and Horses pub . Tram no 8.


A modern reproduction photograph marked 2009 Colchester North Hill


A modern reproduction photograph




The Albert roundabout looking south with the old Albert pub in the middle ground

9158 RAP Co Ltd

postally unused

2 - 1153

M & RC, postally unused, looking south.





Colour version of above.M and R C. 13 14714. Unused.


A flood at North Station dated 28th April 1919 with the name Miss G Sealey. Unused.

A277-1256 sold

Looking north. Trams 18 (North Station) and 10 (Recreation Ground). Flock of sheep in background. J Bridge Saddler on right. Chisnall on right next to the bridge. No 13 publisher mark. Posted in Swaffham September 1914 to Miss Ivy Reeve? of Maldon by Hilda.


Premises of C Tweed. Baker and Confectioner. Unused.


2163 Unused









No 163. Sent 3rd Dec 1907 to Mrs Wilton of 52 Roman Road.


Nearby to North Station is the house in this picture. It is of 28 Belle Vue Road. Sent 17th November 1909 to Mr R J Hansford of Ilford by CHM.



The Railway Mission Hall. Unused. Inscription on the building reads '1896 Railway Mission'. With the modern day (2013) view.




No 11. Sent 30th July 1909 to Mrs Knopp? of 91 East Hill, Colchester



From the Castle Park looking north.

Middle Mill has since disappeared and the view today would not be possible due to the trees that now exist to make the Castle Park the jewel in our crown.

postally unused

2 - 225

The Headgate Series, Castle Park, Colchester, 50716

posted Jan 1905, Miss Leggett, St Pauls Rd, Colchester from Kit

3 - 552

Dated July 1908, To Miss Fannie Neal of Langley Mill, from Aunty

4 -

Dated 1905, To Miss Spencer, Manningtree


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