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  Camulos is the name of a Celtic war god, from whose name is derived Camulodunom, the pre-history name for Colchester, the oldest recorded town in Great Britain and Britain's First City. When the Romans came to stay, they re-named us as Camulodunum and created a colonia here. Colonia Ceastre (fortress colony) was born - and which, naturally, evolved to become Colchester.

This site will tell you of Colchester's history; it will give you a virtual guided tour of the town/castle/town walls/town hall, etc; it will tell you about its Inns, Taverns and Pubs; you can find out who is inscribed on our war memorials; some who are buried in our cemeteries; as well as many other things, too numerous to mention.

A quick index of some of this site's contents follows:

The Camulos Heritage Leaflets
Colchester Remembers
Colchester's Town Crier
Friends of Colchester Museums
A Virtual Tour of Colchester
Colchester Men at Trafalgar
Colchester's Archer of the Fayre
Colchester Archaeological Group
Colchester Castle
Colchester's Oyster Feast
Queen Boadicea in Colchester
The Colchester Town Watch
The Colchester Roman Trail
Colchester's War Memorials
Colchester - Local Information
Colchester Recalled - oral history project
Colchester's Roman Circus
The Inns, Taverns and Pubs of Colchester
Colchester Man - DNA Project
Local Links
Walk Colchester's Roman Wall Trail
Colchester's Heroes - Rolls of the Fallen
The Colchester T Shirt

Colchester's Town Hall
Tymperleys Clock Museum (as was).
Colchester's Witches

Colchester's Cemetery - Who Is Buried There?
Colchester's Railways
Colchester and Motorcycling

Colchester - the Outer Town
Colchester and Arthur
Britannia Cars - Made in Colchester

Colchester's Pubs - Where to go.
Colchester's Archaeology and History - general & links
Colchester's Street Art

Colchester's Famous Ghost Tour
Woods of Colchester Ltd - Photo Archive
Colchester's Caring Past

Camulodunum Park at Gosbecks

Colchester's Military Heritage

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