1 - 375

Posted July 1910 to Mrs Diggins of Shotley, Valentines

2 -

Posted July 1925 to Mrs Knaster of Harrow on the Hill, published by Poyser

3 - 1676

Scheregate House, now a hotel. Unused.


Scheregate Steps, looking south. S.0860 Kingsway Real Photo Series. Unused. Grand Opera Company advertised on the billboard. The bollard is embossed with what looks like Catchpool and Co.


Posted 20 Sep 1906 to Mr J C Millgate of Newport, Isle of Wight, by Gracie. Card by John Wal;ker and Co of London. On the left the shop of G Hearsum, fishmonger.


A photograph, not a postcard, but marked as being a proof for Judges. A Gaskin Shoe Repairs. 1950s?


1004a Pelham's Series. Sent in 1915 to Master A Platt of Blackpool by his father.



141285? The blacksmith's shop with farrier working on horse shoe. This is a David May card and he has written in pencil that this on Gosbecks Road at its junction with Shrub End Road, opposite the Leather Bottle. The card is unused but has been hole punched.


Unused card published by Bell's Photo. 141277


Unused card published by Bell's Photo. 141272


The duck pond on Gosbecks Road. Unused card published by Bell's Photo. 141293


1 - 420


postally unused

2 -

Postally unused, R A Series.

3 -

Postally unused. W and K No 9

4 - 192

Unused, Valentines Series, 220486, c1930

5 - 174

S.8057 Kingsway Real Photo Series, posted 13th October 1933 to Miss Ward, 26 Bond Street, Norwich.





Same card but extra detail.

S 8057 Kingsway Real Photo Series. Sent to Mr Joe Brownsord of Framlin Suffolk, 3rd Sep 1914


21444. Posted to Miss J Bates of Harrow in July 1942 by Brown Owl.


Unused card by Derwent 3.19374


Sent 29th JUly 19? George V 1d stamp to Martin Wilkinson of Wisbech by his father. Mention of Clifford and Aunt Ann.


The Bell Series. Posted 6th January 1909 to Miss Darby of Stroud by K Davies.


unused c 28434


K 814 by Valentines. Posted 5th July 1956 to Mrs Elaine Roland of Maidenhead by Gladys of 20 Eastern Promenade, Point Clear Bay. 2d stamp.


63387 J Valentine Series. Note on back has November 14th 1912, also Chritobelle Tralau, Alice and Jassie?



St Botolphs Priory

Chas Clark

message on back from Stanley to his father and dated 1916

2 - 717

St Botolphs Street looking north

M and R Series

postally unused

3 - 633

Short Wyre Street looking east towards St Botolph's Street

s6743, George v stamp, 1924?, Miss E J (Lizzie) Brazier, Cambridge

4 - 552

Postally Unused

5 - sold

8184, Postally Unused but believed to be approx. 1912

6 - 549

Posted June 1914 to Mr and Mrs Micklethwaite of Rochdale, from 32 Gladstone Road, No 2152

7 - 290

Posted 1912? (George V) stamp, to Miss E Smith of Whitchurch

8 - 250

The Third Bastion in Priory Street

Postally unused

A nostalgic view of the bastion built onto the Roman wall, now sadly decaying.

8 - 856

Postally unused but pencil comment 'Vaudeville' picture palace on right and address, Walter F Dowsett, 4 Brookside, Pathfinder Village, Exeter.

The picture is incorrectly annotated as it shows the Norman perimeter wall of St John's Abbey, not Roman! Progress has swept away both abbey and cinema.

9 - 1100

Plough Corner looking east along Magdalen Street, with the Colchester Meat Co shop. M and R C. Postally used but date illegible. Two halfpenny stamps of George V. Sent to Mrs Crowe? of Lowestoft from Ken.


1876 Map. The camera was sited outside the Woolpack Hotel. The whole area was swallowed up in the 1960's by the location of St Botolph's roundabout. What was then the Fountain Inn and is now Molly Malones, is shown in the picture.

10 - 260

Postally used dated 5th Oct 1945 to Mrs G Hill of Waddingham, Gainsbro, LIncs, from GH

11 - 385

S6749, unused

12 - 191

Unused, Valentines Series, 220464, c1930

13 - 6744

St Botolph's Station, M and R Series, postage stamp removed so date unknown. Sent to Miss S Cobbold of Cliff Hotel, Felixstowe by Olive.

14 - 515

Posted 10th August 1910 to Miss Maud Simpson of 52 Cambridge Road, Clacton on Sea, from Mabel at 32 St Botolphs Street. 10 80914

15 - 780

Published by Moore and Roberts, sent 1905 to Mr Sennitt of Streatham by Bump?

16 - 592

380 M Series, unused. Wm Cheshires China, Blomfield and Co. with kettle overhead, on right. The Woolpack on the left.

17 - 1938

J Valentine card ref 44840. Postally unused. With Tram 6 headed for the Hythe, outside Blomfields shop on the right. On the left is the Wool Pack Hotel. Some interesting characters and activities. View looks north from Plough Corner.

18 - kb08

posted May 1906

19 - kb09

unused, modern reproduction, Bygone Picture Palaces Series, shows the Vaudeville Theatre that one stood on Mersea Road.

20 - 245

unused, by S & SC. Stead and Simpson on the right, haircutting and shaving at No 43 on the left. W M Roddy, J Bird, further along on left. The public bar, on the left, at No 39, would have been the Greyhound.


15209 unposted


Unused card by Poyser and Co. St Botolphs Priory. Nave from archway.


2133. Sent 17th Jan 1908 to Miss Alice Downs of Weeley by A M C

A398- 145

11 36371 unused


26107 Valentine's Series. Unposted.


A single back card posted 20th Jan 1903 to Miss Walfords of Clapton Square.


Unused card by Judges 14936


Posted in 1904 to Miss V Hubbard by Emily Bloomfield


Unposted. Card by Poyser but with handwritten date of 22nd October 1912.


W8528. Unposted. The Wyndham Series.


Valentine's Card. Unused.


1 - 250

St Giles Church at St Johns.

Postally unused, 1/111, S & S.C.


Poyer and Co. Photo by Gill. 922. Unused.


1 - 450

East Hill and St James Church, W7153, The Wyndham Series, unused

2- 300

St James' Church on East Hill. Unused card, published by Poyser and Co, Colchester. Photo by W Gill.

3 -

St James Church interior, HCRC Photo by Gill, posted 1904 to Miss Stow or Boxford.



St Johns Abbey gateway

220466 Valentines

postmarked Oct 1949, Mrs G Barnes, Liverpool

2 - 325

Posted 30 Dec 1902 to Miss Isa Glass of Durham. Note the missing sections of the gate, later rebuilt in the Victorian period. This picture dates from around 1890 we think.

3 - 191

Unused, Valentines Series, 220466, c1930

4 - 199

Sent 24 Sep 1905 to Miss Barber of The Old House Wimbledon from 25 Wellesley Road, Colchester, sender unknown.

5 - 129

St John's Street looking west, c1950, Frith CCR7, unused card.


Another interesting view of the Abbey gate, with the 3rd pinnacle missing! Unused card by M and L National Series.


A view from inside rather than the more usual outside. 51693 Photochrom. Grano Series. Unused.


84 H G R C Photo by Gill. Unused.




2. Real photograph. Unused.


S8063, 32 card by Derwent, unposrted

also A126-199 S8063, 32 sent August 1930 to Miss J Walker of Felixstowe


Sent 27th July 1906 to Miss Jn Noble? of Waterloo House, Ipswich. Postcard 7209 by Raphael Tuck. Oilette.


1 - 290

Postally unused


1 - 660

Posted 1903 to Miss Diaper of Winchmore Hill, Middx., from Daisy

2 - 200

The porch

unused, the Cambria series, W A Call, Monmouth


1 - 420


postally unused

2 - 520

Balkerne Lane with St Mary at the Walls Church, before the houses were demolished in the 1960's.

Inset is a watercolour painting from the Camulos collection, of around 1880 and of a similar view, but showing just how narrow Balkerne Lane once was, from a time of the horse and cart.

3 - 695

Postmarked April 1908, to Miss D Bond, Coltishall, from Ida, The Rapid Photo Printing C.Ltd., London No.PS.279-3

4 - 260

Postally unused

5 - 320

postally unused, Memorial Chapel, St Mary's Church.

It is so disrespectful, the way it is used today. Dedicated to the brave men who lost their lives fighting for their country, it deserves to be restored to its original form and closed off to the current users - in our opinion.

6 - 205

Posted 26th July 1904 to Miss E Winter? of Walsall

7 - 399

real photo 1138, posted 7th October 1908 to Miss J W Reeve of Bury St Edmunds, from Daisy.

8 - 380

Kingsway S 8059, unused


Sent Sep 1908 to Miss R A Sturdy of Helmsley by L B of Wyldenhey? Lexden.


1 - 249

HGRC by Gill, postally unused

This church demolished in the 1980s and the graves destroyed to enable housing!

COMMENT - email 231205

I was born in Magdalen Street Colchester in 1930 and all of the sites of the photos are familiar to me. The postcard of St Mary Magdalen Church is interesting because it shows the spire, which disappeared before I was born and was never rebuilt.

This was my parish church, and I always was given to understand that the spire was demolished in the great earthquake of 1884 referred to in the Lion Walk Church postcard on your site. Here is proof of the story! [not so as the postcard is probably of the 1920's - jj]

The church had fallen into disuse and was later vandalised long before the demolition to make way for flats.

Best Regards,

Michael Ryder.


2 - 275

card by HGRC, photo by Gill, sent to Mrs G Wicks of Hibernia Road, Hounslow, George V postmark, presumably by her son who refers to getting married here.


1 -

St Runwald Church and Middle Row. Postally unused, No 310 by HGRC


1 - 1311

West Stockwell Street looking north

S & S C

postally unused


West Stockwell Street looking north

Judges 14929

postally unused

3 - 706

Postally unused

4 - 599

The Stockwell Arms - Judges 29316

5 - kb06

Poyser's Series, posted Aug 1907. Kindly lent by local collector Kevin Bond.





West Stockwell Street. The Stockwell Arms far left. Stamp removed and postmark lost, Sent to Miss Joan Calley of Swindon by DCD .

6 - kb07

1156, unused




A259 - 1151

Sent to Mr A Needham, c/o Mr Moss of East Markham by Alice XX. Stamp and postmark removed.

7 - 425

29116 by Judges. unused



Earthquake in Essex 1884, West Stockwell Street.356 HGRC. Photos by Deaon. Unused. The photograph would be much earlier than the postcard so has been chosen as an item of historic importance and interest. We think that the picture shows, on the left, the demolished or collapsed tavern known as the Nelson's Head, with a timber framed building to the north of it. We know that the tavern was sold in 1884, suggesting that it was having some upheaval at the time. The gas lamp on the far left is affixed to the knee of the Stockwell Arms pub (as was) and this lamp can be seen on the following picture.

The map extract is of 1876 and shows the Nelson but not the Stockwell. Why? Because the Stockwell was only a beerhouse and therefore not worthy of recording on the map.


The Stockwell Arms, owned by Daniells Breweries. Poyser's Series. Posted September 1905 to Miss H Hurst of Romsey. The sign of the Nelson's Head is on the far right.


Unused card by Photo Precision Limited of St Ives and entitled the Dutch Quarters. Handwritten note giving the date of purchse as 23rd May 1985.


1 - 700

unused, H G R C by Gill

2 - 2900

Colchester Tram Terminus at New Town. Unused card by Rapid Photo Printing Co. Ref V310-7. The picture shows the Recreation Hotel, owned by Nichol and Co, landlord T Ivory. With several children and a tram approaching. Approx. date 1910.



84338 a975/715 card by WHS and Son. Pte Cross...? 66th Div E Lanc Flagstaff Road, Posted 23 Mar 1916 to parents Mr and Mrs Marsden? and sister Phillis of Burnley, by Adam

5 -

Bourne Pond, Colchester, Posted to Demark in 1907, Valentines Series no.57085

8 - 274

Bourne Pond, postally unused. 84444

15 - 525

Bourne Mill. Posted April 1905. Moore and Roberts, Colchester. To Mrs E J Parsons of Wombwell

34 - Bourne Mill 01

The Mill at Bourne Pond. H G R C Photo by Gill. Unused.


15214 unused card


Bourne Mill. Card by Jackson and Son of Grimsby. 13 42416 Unposted.

29 - kb18

The Recreation Ground, 2615, unused, by S & SC

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