The compiler of these web pages retired and went to live in France.

Rather than take this important collection of postcards abroad, he decided to offer them for sale.

We understand that they were bought, as a complete collection, by a local person, and that they would be preserved for posterity.


There were a lot more than 800 postcards, contrary to what the newspaper article states.

We will continue to collect images of Colchester (some may be postcards, although that seems unlikely).

We believe that it is important that our heritage is recorded, in whatever way possible, for the benefit of those who follow us. This website serves to educate anybody who is interested.

The non-postcard image collection that we have, comprises thousands of images, mostly from photographs from the Victorian age, right up until recent times. It would be an impossible task to include them all here. The images are indexed as we go, stored on digital computer media as jpg and jpeg files. When the time comes, instructions have been left for it to be passed to the Essex Record Office, as has already happened with many of the Camulos archive - specifically old deeds and video recordings.

We are always pleased to be able to assist individual researchers who might be looking for a particular image.


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