1 - 250

Officers Mess, Hyderabad Barracks

76386 J V

postmarked 1916? (George V) Miss Lawrence, Kettering, E Haylock, North Walsham

2 - 275

Presenting War Medals

H G R C from photo by Gill

postally unused but pencil note to

Charles Cock of Badcock Farm, Abberton from Herbert

3 - 894

Royal Field Artillery

201 H G R C from photo by Gill

dated March 1911, Leytonstone, faint pencil

4 -

Goojerat Barracks, No 107, postally unused

5 -

Cavalry Barracks, postally unused, Signal series.

We have included this here, but we strongly suspect that it is not of Colchester. Perhaps Aldershot? We would love to know.

6 - 415

Garrison Church, Military Road, posted May 1908 to A Young of Middx. from Allan

7 - 1075

The Abbey Field, postally unused

8 - 282

Sobraon Barracks, posted November 1907, to Mrs Robinson in Gt Yarmouth

9 - SOLD

Abbey Fields

Posted August 1906 to H J Edwards of Palmers Green from Hugh Rooney, the IXL Series




also, uncoloured,




the same card by IXL sent 5th Apr 1904 to Miss Flo White of Ipswich by unreadable but mentions a Miss Townsend.

10 - 569

Posted November 1909 to Mr A H Childs of Paddington from his brother George, published by E J Mercer of Colchester

11 - 856

52nd Gordons, Colchester, March 1919

postally unused

12 - 359

Postally unused, Goojerat Barracks, 7172 The Wyndham Series

Bob Westfield is looking for other pictures of this barracks, especially nearer to to 1955 to 1957 when he served there (040106).

13 - 600

Royal Field Artillery, by Gill, posted 2 Sep 1914? to Mrs S Gladwell of Woodbridge.

14 - 780

Essex I Y Camp, Colchester 1903

15 - 480

Hyderabad Barracks, Valentines Series, No 75385?, postmarked, 1918, to Miss D Lea Sellaur?, Newhaven Surrey, from F. In black and white and available but not shown.

15c - 169

Valentine Series 75385 JV. Postally unused. In colour as shown.

16 -

"B" Co., 10th Royal Fusiliers, Reed Hall Camp, Colchester

Cullingfords and Co Colchester, postally unused.

10th Stockbrokers Battalion.

17 - 454

Meeanee Barracks, posted 10th July 1919 to Mrs H Thomas of Rainham, Kent, from Frank. Published by Chas. Clark, Stationer and Tobacconist, Headgate, Colchester.

18 - 379

Posted 11th Dec 19?. George V stamp. To Mrs Gilbert of Northampton from Alf (first left).

This is our mob just come home from footballing on Sunday and got our tea with us on Photo Bread and cheese and onions for Sunday's tea that's a luxury for us We don't half live. Tell Percy if he...... Alf

19 - 328

Gill and Son, Colchester. Postally unused.

20 - 901

Officers Mess, Artillery Barracks. Valentines Series 31194. Postally unused.

21 - 835

Artillery Barracks. The Wyndham Series. Posted 4 Jan 1923? to Mrs Capon of Abergavenny.

22 - 1035 (22a - 437) (22b - scan only)

Distributing the South African War Medals, Colchester Camp, Photo Deacon, Colchester. Postally unused.

We have a second copy of this card that gives the date as 12th June 1903.

We have a scan of a third version of this card that states it to be of men of the Norfolk Regiment, and signed to the reverse "with Love and best wishes for Xmas and the New Year from Cecil - The photo is of the regiment receiving the King's medal from Genl Buchanan CB ". The officer has also identified himself with an arrow [to the front].

23 - 225

Cavalry Barracks. Postally unused. Moore and Roberts, Colchester.

24 - 425

The Abbey Field. Postally unused. M and R Series

25 - 630

Posted 24 Sep 1914, George V stamp, with a note of Fusiliers. Sent to somebody in Scotland by John. Cannot read.

26 - 630

Posted 25 Sep 1914, George V stamp, to Percy Ford of 53 Trentham Street, Southfields, London, from Will.

27 - 280

Artillery Barrack entrance. Postally used Sep 1946, sent to Mrs Sleath? in Little Clacton by her niece.

28 - sold

Meeanee Barrack Entrance, off Mersea Road. Postally unused.

29 - 529

The Abbey Fields, Army Cadets, c1910, postally unused. Valentine Series ref 41143.

30 - 614

Meeanee Barracks, posted 7th Feb 1911 to Miss F R Scott, Chelsea

32 - 419

The Military Hospital - Valentines Series 80205, postally unused.

33 - 1774

205 HGRC, 16th Lancers, Colchester. Sent October 6th, 1905 to Miss E Blake of Botesdale by Jim. Card by Gill.

34 - 801

The 4th Hussars, Cavalry Barracks, posted to Miss E M Tullett? of Fareham, Hants in 1905

35 - 135

Goojerat Barracks c1915

unused, published by E J Mercer, Military Road

(repeated A282)

36 - 899

unused, Corporal Jones, Mobile Vets, Colchester, dated 5th May 1917

37 -

Sobraon Barracks

unused, Valentines 76584

38 - 280

Artillery Barracks

unused, Raphael Tuck No 2050

39 - 801

unused, real photographic postcard of a group of Officers & NCO's serving with the Army Ordnance Department together with civilian staff at the Colchester Ordnance Depot.

40 - x

The Military Hospital

donated image

41 - 469

A large group of NCO's of the Royal Engineers, taken at Colchester, with many arm and sleeve badges on display including a Sergeant Farrier. Unposted. (Photographer's stamp, J E STUTTER of 11 Errington Road, Colchester)

42 - 325

A fun card of the Old Duff Section (Northants Regiment?), with a tin of Fray Bentos meat on top of a football. Posted March 10th 1910 to Miss Laura Sharpe of 21 Field Street Avenue, Kettering, by George. E Denison Binns, 44 Mersea Road, Colchester stamp.

43 - 292

Sobraon Barracks. unused

44 - 242

sent August 1913 to Miss Clarke of Stanstead

45 - 342

Sobraon Barracks. Sent to Mrs J Brown of Riding Mill, Northumberland, George V postmark, by her son. He failed examination for infantry but passed into Army Veterinary Corps, getting 3d a day in England and 4d a day abroad.

46 - 309

The Garrison Church. unused

47 - 1700

Aerial View of Colchester Showing Camp Church and Weslyan Chapel. (1275) Photochrom and Co Ltd. Postally unused.

48 - 601

Postally unused but notes on the back say 'May 1916. Colchester Camp. D Company with Derby Recruits. ' Also a separate note saying Territorials, Manchesters. A high quality photograph with clear details.

49 -

Soldiers of the Essex Yeomanry. Postmarked Colchester 1912? Sent by E E Minns at 2 Campion Road, Colchester to W Butcher of Longlands Park Road, Sidcup. 1194 L/Cpl E E Minns, Essex Yeomanry. The writer mentions that the Old Theatre Royal being completely burnt out the previous week.



50 - 420

Sobraon Barracks, unused, R A Series

51 - 514

Meeanee Barracks, Moore and Roberts, sent to Mrs Diggins of Oxford Road, Clacton-on-Sea on Nov 2nd 1906.

52 - 319

M and RC unused card, Garrison Gymnasium

53 - 525

C and D Companies 8th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment, Colchester No 30. Real photograph card unposted. Card produced by Foster and Harwood of Brighton.

54 - kb20

unused but a pencil date of 1947. Ricky Photo Service, Clacton-on-Sea, W F Rickman

55 - kb21


56 - 3407

206 HGRC by Gill - 16th Lancers, posted Oct 1905 to Mr E Buckett of Hightown, Manchester by Walt.

57 - 1013

Soldiers Home, with pencil note stating 'opened Queen Street in 1879 replacing one 2 Osborne Street, demolished 1940 for New Police Station. Published by the Southgate Studio, Short Wyre Street, k43301. Posted to Mrs Lunnis? of Ypres Road, Colchester in 1927.

58 - 1337

Interior of the Military Hospital. Sent Nov 1907 to Miss Milley Williams of Torpoint by Nellie?

59 - 939

The Time Gun on Abbey Field. With written message in French. Sent Sep 1905 to Mlle Poussin c/o Notariat de Corneilles, France. Published by HGRC, photo by Gill

60 - 901

Real photographic postcard of a group of NCO's and men serving with a rifle regiment. They are regulars and wear full dress. The facings, we think, are KRRC [Kings Royal Rifle Corps ] - though may be Rifle Brigade. They are seated with a trophy, and we imagine are in barracks at Colchester. Photo by E. Dennison Binns, 44 Mersea Rd, Colchester. Postcard in very good overall condition for age, though light staining to edges. Unused. Does anybody recognise the trophy - or the men?

61 - 1150

Peace with Victory. 1918? Unused card by Oscar Way, Royal Studio, Colchester.


16th Lancers changing guard. 211 HGRC. Photo by Gill. Unposted


2nd Dragoons (Scots Greys) farriers. 210 HGRC. Photo by Gill. Unposted.



A cropped postcard showing the band of the East Lancs Regiment on church parade. Posted to Mr E Audy of Bradford, Yorks by somebody at Greenstead Road, Colchester. George V stamp, dated October 1913.





SH 1915 Unused card by Stringer and Co of Colchester.


52 RB2 C Coy NCO's 1918-19. Rifle Brigade. Unposted but in pencil on the back is written, 'Ted Feb 19th 1919, 18 years 9 months at Cavalry Barracks, Colchester'. Card by J E Stutter of Errington Road, Colchester.


364. Staff of No 2 Cook House, Colchester 1919. One of the lads has a lance corporal stripe. These lads survived the Great War.


sent to Mr H Boning? of Gt Yarmouth in Aug 1904


Sobraon Barracks. 20737 card by E T W Dennis and Sons, Dainty Series. Unposted and in poor condition.


Hyderabad Barracks. Card by Moore and Roberts and sent Jan 1906 to Pte Charlie Bradwell of 2nd Essex Regiment at Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich by Millie


We have another version of this card sent 4th September 1907 to Miss Moore of Mansfield by JMM.


Sent 22 Oct 1914 to Mr Woodbr...? of Roxeth Farm, Harrow by Tom. Badly creased and scuffed. Badges suggest Royal Fusiliers - part of Kitchener's New Army - with their bell tent in the background - their battalion would have gone over to France the following spring.


Artillery Barracks, Officers Mess. 40. Unposted. Napier Road sign on railings.

(This is the building that later became the Sergeants Mess and which was the centre of an abortive campaign to purchase in 2010 for the Roman Circus interpretation centre and home for the Colchester Archaeological Trust. See here.)


230. Card sent to George Edward Lawrence of Norwich on 10th Sep 1914 (with Colchester postmark) by George. A glum looking lot, soon to be sent out to Mons. It must have been a cake party as they seem to be displaying their slabs of cake for the camera. Cap badges suggest Rifle Brigade, with one stretcher bearer.


Hampshire Regiment. Unused card by Gill and Son.


No 3 Section. School of cookery. Unused card.


The execution of the cook. 113 Batt RFA. Royal Field Artillery. Unused card by E Dennison Binns, Colchester. The soldier 4th from right displays a 'wound stripe' pointing up his arm rather than the reverse for a rang stripe.


Military soldier out of uniform, 20th Hussars.


This is not a postcard but is a photograph that came from the collection of Mr Don Goodman of Colchester. With Butt Road on the left and the soldier's clean washing on the right, Don tells us that it shows Le Cateau Barracks, a section of the 24th Field Battery, Royal Artillery, taken on 16th December 1937 witha X marking one J P Goodman. Photo by Oscar Way of Head Street, Colchester. Battery Orders by Capt J F Adye RA gave details of the parades and mentioned that No 1039339 Sgt, Goodman J.P. has been awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct Meadal (with gratuity).


Another photograph from Mr Goodman dated 4th November 1937 of J P Goodman, location unknown but presumed to be Colchester.


Unused card by Bradley and Blowers, 11 Mersea Road, Colchester. Written on the back,

'The Soldiers Corner in the cemetery Colchester, where Walters Grave X is'

The date of this card therefore must be 1919 or 20, at a time shortly after the end of the WW1. One cross is marked with a death in August 1919. The crosses were to be replaced in due course by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission gravestones that we see at this exact place today. The casualties must have been brought back from France and Belgium, after hostilities had ceased and excavation and recovery could begin.


Here follows a series of cards of n army kitchen cookery theme. This one of an improvised sand bag brick oven of the School of Cookery, Colchester. Unused.


Improvised tea tin kettle trench. This sent to Mrs Finch of Gravesend in Dec 1915 by Charly.


The Kitchen No 2. Unused.


The Kitchen No 4. Unused.



A scan of this postcard was kindly sent by Mr P Hawkey of Cornwall in October 2012 and shows,

No 9 Section, School of Cookery, Colchester,

together with some detail about the card.


Sobraon Barracks No 16. Posted to Miss Eva Arrowsmith of Stoke on Trent by George on 29th April 1911


2nd Batallion Suffolk Regiment 2. Unused card by Gale and Polden Ltd


Band Norfolk Regiment 99. H Osborne, General Dealer sign on left. Unused card but written in pencil on the back states the photographer as E Dennison Binns of Colchester and date 1914.


Queen Victoria's Rifles. Unused car with 'Colchester 1926 Duty Bugler' in ink on reverse side. Some damage in mid area.


This is not a postcard but is an early photograph of a group of Royal Artillery soldiers.


Meeanee Barracks. Card by Cullingford. Posted 11th November 1914 to Miss Eliza Briggs of Long Stratton by Jack. The picture seems to show some new recruits in civvies.


Essex Yeomanry, Colchester Camp. 15. Sent 21st May 1913 to Mrs Morley of Stanford le Hope


Gunner's funeral. Card by E Dennison Binns of Colchester. Posted 18th April 1913 to W McGregor of Leith, by Jock. The script states that the photo was of a guard in Jock's battery who was killed by one of the guns turning over.


Band of 16th Queens. Unused Card with note of date being March 1918.


Unposted but in pencil on back 'RE. Australian Field Engineers, August reinforcements, at Colchester in November1918'. The line up looks as if they are a military band.


Peace Celebrations in 1919, Queen Street. Published by the Southgate Studios, 3A Short Wyre Street. Unposted.





and another of the same occasion,


Same street, same day, same photographers. Unposted but handwritten note, 'The Pompadours, The peace procession at Colchester, July 19th 1919'.


Colchester Military Hospital 1945. A photograph, not a postcard.


Goojerat Barracks. Published by Thomas Clark, Stationer and Tobacconist of Headgate, Colchester. Posted February 19? George V stamp to Miss Kitty Gentry of Manor Park London by Charles. He had been running round the yard with a gas helmet on.

(Repeated 35)


An image donated to us by local collector Simon Gallup. It shows a view of the military hospital and another of the rifle range at Middlewick.


An image donated to us by local collector Simon Gallup. It records the representatives of the Russian 'Duma' visit to Colchester, with the inspection of the troops at Abbeyfields.

Please note that there are other, earlier pictures of the garrison on the 'early' page.

The following 20 postcards are of the First World War and are connected with Colchester in that they have been sent either to or from Colchester by various lovers of the same family connection.

We have over 30 of these cards of different designs and mentioning various of these following people.

To Bombardier A E Gentry, L29659 B Battery, Aldershot from Dolly. Dated 1915.

To Miss Kitty Gentry, 7 Parkhurst Road,Manor Park, London from Charles. Dated 1916.

To Private C Abrams, 21697, C Company, 12th Batt Essex Regt, Goojerat Barracks, Colchester from Kitty. Dated 1916.

On checking the marriage records, Charles and Kitty were married in West Ham in 1918.

Did they have any children and modern day descendants?


Our Boys - 4 Days Leave - Thumbs Up. Card sent with a Colchester postmark on 28th March 1915 to Miss R Mitson of Clare by her brother Ted.


Unposted card but addressed to Pte W (Harry) J Nutley 3776, B Company, 2/4 Royal Sussex Regt, Cambridge. Inscribed School of Cookery, Colchester No 3 Section.


Sobraon Barracks. R A Series. Unposted


Funeral Procession of His Late Majesty King Edward VII. Prince of Wales Own Royal Hussars.

This is not a Colchester card. Sorry.


The Camp Church. Unposted card published by Charles Clark of Headgate.


Fitness training for the soldiers. Posted to Miss Chrissy Grant of Aberdeen by Dr F Saunders, 1st Gordon Highlanders, Colchester on July 7th 1912.


'Clearing Up' 10th Royal Fusiliers, Reed Hall Camp by Cullingford and Co. Posted to Miss C Deeks of Maplestead by Perc on 26th October 1914.


One of three cards described as belonging to soldiers of the 1st Battalion Welsh Regiment band. On the back 'coming back from church 1923'. The other two cards are portraits of soldiers, one being Sid.


RAMC funeral cortege. Card by E Dennison Binns. Unposted.


10th Batt Royal Fusiliers 13th Platoon. Sent 6th Nov 1914 to J W Lewis of The Vicarage Oxhey by L R Cyden? with the message, 'Hope to be away before Christmas!'. Card by Oscar Way.


Officers Mess, Hyderabad Barracks. 17. Unposted.


1st Suffolk Regiment. Christmas 1920 in Colchester. Unposted.


The Military Hospital. Card by Moore and Roberts. Sent 15th Jan 1906 to Miss Florrie Upjohn of Battersea by Bert.


Band of the 4th Queen's Own Hussars, with bandmaster E O Davies. Photographer: Dobay of Butt Road, Colchester. 56976. Unposted.


Unposted card by Whitfield Cosser and Co of Colchester. A RA Lance Corporal.


Sobraon Barracks by Cullingford and Co. of Colchester. Posted 9th October 1914 to Mrs E Haggar of Harkstead by her son G H. Mention of Abbott, Hannah, Will.


Did he make it?


This is a photograph, not a postcard. Approx 1950, a Lieutenant Colonel in front. Photography by Donald Osborne of Head Street, Colchester.


Card by Cullingford. Sent to Mrs Ratcliff of Lyminster by Ronald, no date but franked ha'penny George V stamp. Note No 440 Sobraon Barracks and 'mine is the one under the arrow and Bernard the other'. SCA - Soldiers' Christian Association? There are two arrows on the original but unclear on the scan.


unused. SCA tent Meannee Barracks.


unposted. 11th or 17th Training Reserve Colchester Nov 1918. Several different regimental badges on view.


Card by Whitfield Cosser and Co of Colchester. Pencil notes on back - Colchester Barracks 1910, Sufolks? Unposted. A boxing match demonstration.


Royal Studio of Colchester. Unposted but written message on back reads, 'To Mrs Hook Child, Wishing you good luck, G W Darlow CSM, Aug 11th 1916'.


2nd West Yorks Regt, Church Parade. Card by E Dennison Binns of 44 Mersea Road. Unposted. 76.

This is on Berechurch Road, with the gymnasium to the left, out of view, Meyrick Crescent in the distance.


unposted but a pencil message reads 'no doubt you remember Abbey Fields we passed this spot on our way, trench digging on Friday Oct 12, 17. The artillery barracks are in the background'. Card by M & R C.


2nd Battalion (59th) Northamptonshire Regt, 1907, woith Sobraon Barracks in the background. Sent to Mrs W Simpson c/o Mrs Wilkinson of Peterborough by her husband on 3rd July 1908.


Sent to Mrs Frost of St Austell by Chick on 12th April 1920, this postcard shows a view that is totally different today. The garrison gymnasium is on the far left with its lantern and chimneys that were removed sometime around 1940. The building was burned to the ground in the 2010s and brought back to life with the help of insurance monies. The swimming pool was yet to be built. Abbey Fields are directly ahead.


With the Officers Mess on the right (later to be the Sergeants Mess and later converted for housing by Taylor Wimpey in 2015), the three stable blocks to the left have since been demolished and housing built all over this parade ground, together with what ius known as Butt Road Car Park. Unposted but c 1920. Card by Moore and Roberts.


Meeanee Barracks. Card by E J Mercer of Military Road. Sent to Miss Maggie Napier of SS Glasgow by Angus on 6th January 1910.


Bradley and Blowers, 11 Mersea Road, unused photographic postcard showing a funeral cortege coming up Mersea Road.


Mersea Road troop movement, W T Frost shop, card unused.


Sobraon Barracks. Unused. Published by Charles Clark Stationer of Headgate, Colchester.


Unknown location but by Royal Studio of Colchester. Going in to dinner June 191[7]? Unposted.


Military Hospital. Sent to Mr Albert R Pike of Harrow on 3rd March 1916 by May. 1555.


An interesting group at the Soldiers Home in Queen Street with rifles, bayonets and swords gathered in front.


Air Raid on Colchester Feb 21st 1915. An unused card produced by the 'Daily News' who offered to insure your home against aerial attack up to £250.

Understood to have been a property in Butt Road.






An image donated to us by local collector Simon Gallup. It shows 4 views of the after effects of an air raid on Colchester in 1915. In Butt Road?



With no known Colchester connection but an example of a bit of military humour.

A468-155 through to A471-155

Artist G E Shepheard series entitled 'Me and the mule'. Unposted by dated from around 1910.

Cards published by Raphael Tuck and Sons.


Unused card by Chas Clark of Headgate, Colchester


unused card (4) of Essex I Y Camp in 1903


unused card (7) of Essex I Y Camp in 1903


The Military Hospital. Stamp removed no date. Sent to Miss K Kibbans of Boxford by Abbott, mention of Fred.


Military funeral cortege. South House on pillars. c1913.

South House, Lexden Road in 2016.



not a postcard. A small photograph by Winterbon Bros. of Colchester.

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 More pictures will be added in due course, together with comments.


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