This website concerns


The Men, Women and Children of Colchester

who gave their lives during the

First and the Second World Wars.


Most of the names on this site are taken from the town's war memorials located at the Town Hall and outside the Castle Gates.

There are no names on the actual monument. The names are on a board at the Town Hall.

There are also individual War Memorials at various locations around the town that record the names of specific casualties related to a particular parish or place of work. Also, there are casualties who are not shown on any Colchester War Memorial, who are also mentioned on these pages. We assume that their families did not come forward with their names when the rolls of honour were being compiled.

If you know the family of any of those persons mentioned, would you please let us know some details of their lives and background, so that we may record their life in greater detail.

Some of the information given on these pages has been taken from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's website, a link to which is provided below.

The aim of this site is to help ensure that those who died during the two wars, will never be forgotten. We would like to add other heroes from other conflicts - but we do not have the details. Can you help?





provides personal and service details and places of commemoration for the 1.7 million members of the Commonwealth forces who died in the First or Second World Wars.

(A record of some 60,000 civilian casualties of the Second World War is provided without details of burial location.)

 The cemeteries and memorials where these names are commemorated, in perpetuity, are located in around 150 countries. This database makes it possible to identify the exact location, by cemetery plot or memorial panel, where any given name is commemorated.

These places of commemoration are maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.



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Second World War

1939 - 1945

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The Lexden Memorial 

by Mr Peter Potter (deceased 2013)


 The Shrub End Memorial


The Christchurch Memorial

The STANWAY War Memorial

in the form of the Lychgate at the entrance to St Albright's Church, has not been transcribed by us or specifically included within this site. However, it is probable that some Colchester Heroes are remembered there.


Mile End


St Leonards at the Hythe





The Boxted Memorial



Abberton, Berechurch, Langenhoe, Peldon, Rowhedge and The Wigboroughs


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