1 - 280

Series 1952, date in pencil 16/8/30

postally unused

now our natural history museum

2 -

Postally unused. 1920s?

3 - 205

All Saints Curch interior, unused, before it became the St Mary's Art Centre, base for the Colchester Beer Festival and other profane activities!


1 - 948

Jumbo and the Balkerne Gate

2 - 350

15210, unused

3 - 464

2114, Posted August 1906 to Miss G Bengough of Crediton

4 - 260

The Balkerne Gate from the North East, postally unused, English Life Publications, Derby, 8913L

Response by email 060707

Thank you for the latest Colchester Postcard series, it is so good to see the town again as it was when I was a boy. On page 2 ref. 4-260 on the right hand side looking up Balkerne Hill is a white looking house with a window which looks north down the hill. This house was no. 38 Balkerne Lane, where I lived from 1941 - 1948. I was 8 when we, the Everitts, left.

This is the only picture I have ever seen of the house where my wartime experiences and family dramas were experienced. Any chance of a copy please? I'd like my sons to see where they came from with its outside lavatory, the copper next to it where a fire was lit to heat water for the weeky wash, and fill the tin bath which was placed in front of the fire range for weekly baths. Paul Everitt.

5 - 395

51698 by Photochrom Co Ltd, unused.


Unused card published by F W Pawsey and Sons, Ipswich.


Poyser Series. sent 29th Jul 1908 to Miss Malling of Wells next the Sea by M A W Westfields


not a postcard. A pencil drawing by Holmes Winter c1900.


1 - sold

In the 1960s, just before Balkerne Lane was widened and Crouch Street was split in two.

2 - 1175

HGRC by Gill

postally used, George V stamp, date unclear, sent to Mrs Measures of Peterborough by her daughter Anne

3 - 901

24/16 258 The British Mirror Series unused

4 - 385

S6754, unused

5 - 684

The IXL Series. Posted to Mrs P Beckett of Bedingham, Stamp missing so undated. From Bess. The camera in Headgate by the Fox and Fiddler, looking west. Shops Moore and Rice shown. Also a harness maker and a bookseller.

6 - kb02

10 80915, posted April 1911


Crouch Street looking east. HRCL No 37. Webber and Horwood. Walkers Motor Depot. Sent Jan 1914 to Miss Hicks of Black Notley .


8181 26 Sent to J Goodrum Esq of Ketteringham by sister May and brother in law George on 6th March 1912.

A270-2376 sold

Posted July 1911 to Mrs Weis.... of Holloway. In pencil, much smudged.


Not a postcard. A reproduction photograph only showing the old Odeon cinema. Derelict in 2013 with plans for demolition or restoration or conversion.


(see also GREYFRIARS further down)

1 - 809

East Hill looking west


postally unused

2 - 1017

44 Postally Unused

My grandfather was working at this mill in 1929.

I used to live on the Harwich Road, very close to the East Gates railway crossing. I used to walk past this mill everyday on my way to school, St. James Primary; not the new one. The old one used to stand on the opposite side of the road to the present school. It was a old Victorian, three classroom building, long demolished.

I can still remember the old barges tied up to the wharf unloading the grain.

Post card No. Five, East Street. You ask the question, does anybody remember the petrol station? It was called Days Garage, and was situated on the corner of East Street and Brook Street. This area was known as East Bay. I had a school friend who lived a couple of doors up from the garage.

Colin Andrews. (September 2007)

3 -

Postally unused (although we have seen another version of this card which was used in 1913). The Thames barge shown in the picture has Colchester on the stern and probably named "Maid o'the Mill". Details and comments are:

Built 1888 at Rochester, Kent by George W. Gill. 45 registered tons, spritsail rigged, fitted with Taylor and Neates patented screw steering gear. Owners included W. Marriage of Colchester, E. Marriage of Colchester and H. Cunis of London. Broken up in 1930 at Nortons Yard, Charlton, on the R. Thames. Marriage was the company that owned East Mill, Colchester.

The pictures must therefore have been taken no earlier than 1888 as Marriages were the 1st. owners and used her from new.

Up until 1874 such barges were built with massive wooden tillers to steer them. After that date screw gearing systems were progressively introduced. In the early years they were a novelty - a hi-tech approach of their day! They were less tiring to operate and allowed longer barges to be built whilst still being controllable.

We must thank Mr Mike Wignall for this information.

Please view his website at:



4 - 800

Posted August 1961 to Master M Batie of Sevenoaks from Aunty Rosie. M and L National Series

5 - sold

The same card but in black and white. M and L National Series No. 5. Can anybody remember the petrol station on the left? This card is unused.

The petrol station was ‘Days Garage’ owned by a Mr Watson and his wife. He also operated Watsons Taxis.

Originally the petrol pumps were on the pavement on the corner of Brook Street. Sometime in 48 or 49 the pumps were moved to the position shown in the photograph. In those days your tank was filled for you and usually ‘Tommy’ was the one who operated the pump, 10 gallons (42 litres) for £1.00.

We lived in Greenstead Road from January 1947 until March of 1955, I was 22 when we left. My Dad owned an ice cream business, Orchard Creameries, as well as the snack bar on Scheregate Steps and the East Bay Hotel which was diagonally opposite Days Garage.

I went to school at CRGS and there met Geoff Wade who remained my best friend for 55 years, until he passed away in 2002.

Where now are the friends of one's youth who, in our minds, never grow any older?

Bob Gooderson - October 2007

Thanks Bob!

6 - 335

Another unused black and white card, but this time showing Greyfriars College on the left (previously as nunnery/convent) and the Minories on the right. Judges No. 29118.

7 - 465

The Rose and Crown and East Street, CHR6, Masons Alpha Series, posted 11th July 1959 to Mrs H Gratton of Cork, Ireland.

8 - x

This card was kindly sent to us by Mr Bob Gooderson whose father, Mr R H Gooderson, once owned the East Bay Hotel (east side of the Goat and Boot pub on East Hill). He believes that it dates from 1953 or 4.

9 - 851

Marriages Mill. 26. Excel Series? Postally unused but damaged on back from pasting into a book. Name of barge unclear. It seems to be something like ......WEL and LONDON

10 - 850

Old Houses in East Street, postally unused. Poyser and Co, Photo by Gill, 7399

11 - kb05

Card by Valentine 57084, posted Sep 1907

12 - kb16

unused, undated, card by S & SC

13 - kb17

1159, posted May 1906

14 - 707

East Mills and Bridge, S and SC 2610, unused. The mast and sails had to be lowered to get under the bridge and then, presumably, raised again to offload.

15 - 189

The Old Coach House, East Bay. Unused card by M and L National Series. This building was at one time the Rose and Crown Inn, closed around 1910. In the 1950's it re-opened as a pub, having been heavily restored by Mrs Faithfull-Roper. See the Inns, Taverns and Pubs of Colchester for more details.


W7157 The Wyndham Series.The building in the foreground was known as Frere House and was demolished in the 1930s. The Wetzlar Gardens now occupy the space.


thanks for the correction Philip Beeton!


East Hill. Card by H G Rogers No 14. Sent Dec 1911 to Mrs Reywell of 23 Ireton Road by Mrs Parker of Kensington.


Aerial Photo of East Mills. Unposted.


78 East Hill. Unposted but written on. To Mrs Whiting of Endholme, Elmstead, from EEA - presumably the lady in the picture. Card stamped J E Stutter of 11 Errington Road, Colchester.

A pencil note states that No 82 was Franco's Ristorante in 1990.


Not a postcard but a photograph of Marriage's Mill at East Bay and dated from the 1930's.


Greyfriars Convent on East Hill. 2536 Bells Photo Co Ltd. Unposted


Sent April 1912 to Mr A L Fenton of Braintree by his daughter Bess and mentions Peggy. No publisher but references of 8175 and 18. Shows shops on the left of Ford, Newman and what was presumably the Whalebone pub. The Colchester Brewing Company brewery on the left.


Posted December 1905 to Mrs Warner of Clacton-on-Sea, a Christmas wish from all at 82 Station Road, F E B. The view shows Marriage's Mill.


Entitled East Bay. A view of the Siege House as it is now known. An unused card looking west along East Street and over the bridge. The sign on the buildings show, 'Marraiges. Straw and Offal'.


An unused card of horse and cart preumably at Marriages Mill. The cart has signwriting that says, E Marriage and Son Ltd, East Mill, Colchester.


Lilywhite Ltd, Copyright, Clr 20. Unused.


24/4 270 A sign on the left shows A Cater, bird stuffer and confectioner (an interesting combination!). Card sent 21st February 1918 to H J Swift of Chelsea by Bert.Card by the British Series.


57084 Valentine's Series. Sent 21st July 1907 to Mr L Warnes of Tottenham by A.


unused card. Published by Ernest Joyce and Co of Norwich. Plastichrome. The Gate House, Colchester EJE 421 P36352.


Unused card by Eric Wilson, Doddinghurst. 'The Rose and Crown Hotel'.


1 - 833

Scheregate Steps and the Clarence Pub, postally unused, Valentines 63383

2 - 557

Eld Lane Baptist Church and the Spurrier Memorial, postally unused

3 - 1810

Real Photograph by HGR, No 33. Posted May 18th 1918 to Mrs Sansome of Horton Road, Bradford by Jas Hy. C Watkinson, Carpenter and Undertaker sign shown. The Clarence pub on the right, Scheregate Steps on the left.

4 -


Our postcards start from a period when this building was a Catholic convent. In France in 1903, laws were enacted that which removed various religious congregations from the country. This led to the Dames of Nazareth, founded in Normandy in 1922, to take up residence at Greyfriars. By 1904, through the help of Father Bloomfield at nearby St James the Less in Priory Street, Greyfriars was extended which enables the nuns to open it up as a day and boarding school for girls. After the First World War hostilities had ceased and with a relaxation of the anti-Catholic laws in France in September 1919, the twenty three Dames of Nazareth returned to France and their school was closed in 1922. It later became the High School for Girls. All these changes are reflected in our postcards, the early ones with messages in French and addressed to locations in France and Belgium.

1 - 480

postally used dated 1906, sent to Mlles. Van Ash in Belgium

2 - 414

Grey Friars Convent, Colchester. Postmarked 1910. Sent to Mademoiselle Cl Allemand of Hyeres, France.

4 - 433

Dining Hall

Unused, P A Buchanan and Co, Croydon

5 - 433

Unused, P A Buchanan and Co, Croydon

6 - 433

Unused, P A Buchanan and Co, Croydon


Greyfriars Convent on East Hill. 2536 Bells Photo Co Ltd. Unposted



Harwich Road looking north

RAP Co Ltd 9158

postally unused


1 - 1425

unused, HGRC by Gill

2 -

M Series, marked no. 378, postally unused

3 - $2.40

postally unused, looking south

4 - 579

Head Street looking north with the Fleece Hotel and Halfords in view. Posted 1920's to Miss Hanks of Woodstock, Exclusive Crano Series 51697.

5 - 1130

Head Street looking north showing tram number 10, a horse and dray, the premises of A and E P Baker, etc. Postally used March 1910, sent to Mrs M Millbank of Wethersfield. Card by the Rapid Photo Printing Co Ltd with reference V310-5

6 - 925

Souvenir of the opening of the Colchester Electric Tramways, 28th July 1904 at Headgate Corner

W Gill photo posted 28 Jul 1904 to Mrs J Hughes of Long Lane, Finchley

7 - 399

posted 1911


S0738, unused

9 - 129

Frith CCR10 unused card


No 102. Sent to Mrs Austin of Thornton Heath by Florence Jones in 1906.


No 29 Posted April 1915 to Mrs E J Russell of Addiscombe by Eddy. No 5 tram and Royal Studio.

A275-1381 sold

Gallifent and Lovell on left. Tram No 8 to Lexden. Griffin on the right. Some sorty of procession behind the tram. Card by Whitfield and Cosser. Unposted.


unused and undated card by K Ltd showing the view northward from the corner of Butt Road and Crouch Street.


G6835 unused Valentines. Murdoch's on left.


7152 The Wyndham Series. Posted 13th Oct 1904 to Mr Skelly of Head Street Colchester by H Sargant. He was saying that Skelly should not expect him tonight, a clear belief that the card would be delivered the same day.


C6609 Unused card by E T W Dennis and Sons Productions. Dated c1970.


not a postcard

c1935 showing the Tudor Cafe and the Fleece Hotel.


not a postcard

c1970 showing the Fleece Hotel.


1 - 420

Holy Trinity Church with the Town Hall in the background


postally unused

2 - 567

Unused, V2297

3 - 139

Posted April 1907 to Mr S Joffre of Lyon, France, from Pierre

4 - 260

postally unused, S and S C

5 - 371

Unused card, S and S C.

6 -

Masons Alpha CHR7 card, unused. c1955. Richards Shops on Culver Street. WNO 539 Riley 1500? car registration.

7 -


Sent April 1910 to Miss Gabrielle Dickens of West Kilburn. This card appears to show a background without the 1902 completed Town Hall. This is probably therefors a photograph from before 1902.


Unused card by Harvey Barton and Son Ltd. Ref 60192



HGRC Photo by Gill. Card unused. This building is thought to have once been part of Sir William Gilberd's house. It later became home to Mr Bernard Mason who was a collector of old clocks. When he died he left the building and clock collection to the borough and they turned it into a clock museum. It was under the threat of closure as a museum in October 2010.


Looking at this modern day picture of the same building, so much has been done to alter it. See also the shops and commercial premises section and look for E N Mason and Son, for further details.


Unused card from the 1920's. OT 531 car plate.


Sent to Mr Percy Crofts of West Bromwich by Flo on 13th August 1904.


1 - 459

Essex and Colchester General Hospital

24/23 British Mirror series

postmarked Jul 1906, Mrs J Storkey, Leiston

2 - 460

Posted April 1918 to Mrs Baker of Walthamstow from Harry

3 -

Essex County Hospital Staff c1912

Left to Right

Back Row - 2 Spooner, 3 Moffat, 4 White

Second Row - 4 Dr Chichester, 5 Dr P Laver, 6 Dr Clowes, 10 Stribling, 11 Wilkinson

Third Row - 4 Dr Curl, 5 Matron Buckham, 6 Dr Nicholson, 10 Mitchell

Who are all the others?

4 - 425

The Hospital - Valentines Series, posted to Miss Rosie Milne of Hampton Hill on 25th July 1903 by NM.

5 - 1030

New Children's Ward, card sent Miss Olive Seatt of London N22 by Minnie on 27th March 1918. Photo by Gill.


A Gill and Son card showing a well decorated hospital ward. Perhaps at Christmas. On the back in pencil it says Essex County Hospital 1912. Unposted.


Unused card by M and R C. Picture shows a gathering of cars and military men, soldiers, etc.


Unposted. Royal Studio. In ink, In loving memory of dear Aunt Eliza who died the 15th Feb 1922 aged 71 years. The female ward of the hospital, presumably Colchester.


unused card by raphael Tuck and Sons, Series 2121 Colchester


V310-8 The Rapid Photo Company. Colchester Hospital and Nurses Home


Posted 30th Oct 1934 to Miss Lil Carter of Layer Breton Lodge


1 - 1015

Hythe Quay looking east

57088 Valentines

postmarked Nov 1908, E Carstairs, Almondsbury, Huddersfield








The same postcard but in black and white only. This has enabled us to see that the boat on the left has the name 'Esther' and the signwriting on the building says, 'Francis and Co, Corn and Seed Merchant'. Posted 23rd August 1918 to Mr H E Wilton of Ipswich. 63385 Valentine.

2 - 1217 (Sold)

Colchester Hythe Quay

No 19, postally unused. High quality black and white version not shown here but image available. Same as view shown.


2c - 838

HGRC from photo by Gill. posted 23rd Dec 190 3 or 5. Christmas version in colour. To Miss Winnie Luen? of Frinton, from Maude,

3 - 616

and (A207-999) in colour

Postmarked Sep 1946, to Miss Catherine Gladwell, Surrey .

In February 2008 we received the following feedback:

The sailing barge on the right of the picture is the 55 ton "Paglesham" built in 1877 at Paglesham by Kemp for A.J.Meeson of Battlesbridge as a wedding present for his wife.

Meeson owned several barges and the flour mills at Battlesbridge.

For many years "Paglesham" was skippered by Bob Eves of Wivenhoe, and later, Dick Daniels.

"Paglesham" was sold to W.H. Theobald of Leigh on sea (trading as Leigh Building Supplies) and was generally employed carrying softwood from the Surrey docks.

The postcard shows her having just discharged a timber cargo at Groom Daniels wharf.

In April 1944 "Paglesham" loaded Kentish wheat in Whitstable harbour for London. She survived the war and was in the Surrey docks in 1947 loading timber when she was sunk by a steamer, she was "raised but condemned" and was acquired by the Sea Scouts as a guardship and was broken up around 1953.

"Imperial" was requisitioned, during the war for the storage and delivery of ammunition to ships coming in to the Chatham dockyard and afterwards rebuilt and converted into a motor barge for London and Rochester Trading Co. (1949 on) she was laid up around 1958 and became a houseboat at Temple Marsh, Strood, Kent and derelict by 1961.

Colin Swindale.

4 - 2185

Hythe Docks, 13, poster 7th May 1913, from the barge Albert.

Sir, your letter to hand on Tuesday morning. Sir we shall finish unloading Thursday and be leaving for Ipswich on Friday morning for timber farm. Yours truly, H Spicer. Sent to Mr A Hutson, Flair Meadow, Maidstone, Kent


On the left of picture is the 100 ton Gem, originally a coal fired sailing steamer built of iron in South Shields in 1881 and registered in Colchester that year, 80ft x 16ft with a 20hp steam engine. Gem was the last of the Colchester "passage boats" from 1902-1914, skippered by David Francis and trading occasionally to Holland, and sometimes to Poole, Dorset, but mainly from Colchester and Mistley to London.

Thanks to Colin Swindale for this additional information - March 2008

The barge on the left is Gem of Colchester. The vessel on right is Dina Joanna. The rowing boat far left has markings but illegible. The middle vessel equally so.

5 - 385

An unused picture of Hythe Quay showning the Spirality of London, M and L National Series, No. 57.

We are indebted to Mr Mike Wignall of


Which provides the future programme, results and history of the Thames Sailing Barge Match itself, which was founded in 1863 and is still running.

Mike very kindly identified one of the barges shown on the Hythe section. Here follows his comments:

Postcard 3-616 shows "Imperial". She was a Thames sailing barge which had a very characteristic main/top mast and sail arrangement with a massive spar at 30-45 degrees, the base pivoting almost at deck level i.e. spritsail rigged. This rig is quite unmistakeable once you know what you're looking for and it is easy to pick out a Thames sailing barge amongst a forest of masts of various vessels in photos - based on their spritsail rig.

In the card she is shown as belonging to "LRTC" [cut in/painted above her name] which was the 19-20th. century London & Rochester Trading Co., based at Frindsbury, near Strood, in Kent on the R. Medway. She's shown as being registered in London and she was built in the East Greenwich bargeyard of Shrubsall, in 1902 and was owned by one Valentine Colchester of Ipswich. She was of 53 registered tons, length 84.6 ft., beam 19.2 ft and draught 5.9 ft.

She was sold on in 1925 to another company "Rands", who sold her on again to the LRTC in 1934. This company was keen on racing their working barges in the annual Thames Match and annual Medway Match where they competed against their arch-rivals in the sailing barge transport industry - F. T. Everard & Sons. "Imperial" came 1st. in 1902, and 3rd. in both the 1928 and 1933 Thames Matches. She came 1st. in 1902, 3rd. in 1929 and 2nd. in 1930 in the Medway Match. LRTC converted her from a sailing barge to a motor barge in 1949. She finally ended her days as a hulk in the vicinity of the Temple Marsh & Strood Yacht Club.

The photo the postcard was made from must therefore have been taken sometime from 1934 onwards.

6 - 300

St Leonards Church on Hythe Hill, postally unused.

Here follows Hythe 7, an oil painting of the docks at the Hythe. It is not a postcard but it is a delightful scene.

8 - 300

2124, card sent August 1906 to Miss Bengough of the Rectory in Crediton.

A357-677 as above but not coloured

124 7386 Posted 21st August 1914 to Miss V Smith of Alne, Wilts by PJK.


The Hythe quayside. Sent to Master Hugh Wyatt of Bognor Regis by Nannie and mentioning Podge. Dated March 1931. Corner missing. At least 15 Thames barges shown in the view. This first boat appears to have the name Centaur.

More information about the Centaur and the Pudge at:


We received a note in March 2012 about this picture as follows:

Dear Sir,

I wish to point out that the sailing barge Centaur shown on image A027-1151 is the Rochester Centaur not the Harwich registered barge that is still active.


Ron Green - member of The Society for Sailing Barge Research and Mersea Island Museum






unused card, Series 1952


A photograph not a postcard. On the back is written, British spritsail barge George Smeed (64 tons net, built 1882) at Colchester, 24th June 1955. A classic view of the Hythe quayside with coal piles and the gas tanks.


A photograph not a postcard. On the back is written, Dutch MV Coria (390 tons gross, built 1952) at Colchester, 13th May 1971. Another classic view of Hythe quayside, a little further east than the above picture.


Old House and Church, Hythe Hill. 8158 24. Sent to Miss Nell K Smith of Great Bentley, by Edna, on 13th August 1914. Weslyan Methodist Church notice board.


Clr 23. The Dolphin pub, Daniells and Sons. Card by Lilywhite Ltd, Triangle. Posted Aug 1930 to Mrs Beattie Dodman of Tottenham, London by Ettie of Wiston Mill, Nayland and a note saying that Aunt Ettie is at 53 now.


Clr 7. Card by Lilywhite Ltd, Triangle. Posted Sep 1930 to Mrs Beattie Dodman of Tottenham, London by Ettie of Eltham, Kent.


An unposted card but written on the back it says, 'on the left, the SS Oakover or Guernsey and on the right the SS James Tennant of Newcastle , under the Vickers Crane, at Hythe, Colchester, taken Friday March 25th 1921'. The crane was that of the Moler brickworks and the view looks east.

A156-747 sold

An unused but much handled card by Whitfield Cosser and Co. The barge on the right has the name John Evelyn. The markings on the barge on the left are unclear but the owners seem to be Jarvis and Sons.


RA Series postcard. Unused.


Not a postcard but a delightful scene nevertheless. From c1905 with Parry's oil mill to the rear. The barge is loaded with hay, presumably to be taken to London for a return load of manure for the Essex fields. Gasometer to the left. No boat names readable. Two bowler hatted gentlemen are on the quay looking down at the lighter. Possibly the Horseshoes pub behind them. Two flat capped men sit on the right bank surveying the view.







A385-189, in black and white but no better detail, unposted.


Published by Poyser and Co, card by Gill. Sent December 1910 to Miss Mabel Gordon of Catford by Horace. The nearest boat is named Esther. This picture appears elsewhere on this site but in colour and with less detail.


A photograph of Borelly at the Hythe in 1956.


Card sent Sep 1931 to Miss C(hrissie) M Cole of Looe by Jon?


Owen Parry Oil Mills. Postmarked 16th January 1908 but no stamp present. Sent to Mr H Trigg of Newport, Essex. An official printed card on the rear stating price alteration of linseed and cotton cakes.


Hythe Hill. Card sent 10th September 1906 to Miss D Cant of Maidenburgh Street, Colchester. Message in pencil. Mention of Louisa and Jack.


The Festivity. Published by F W Pawsey and Sons. Unused.


Card by Poyser and Co, photo by Gill, 7405, sent (Edward VII stamp, date unclear) to Miss M Osborne of Loughborough, by Sid.


Lilywhite Ltd. Unposted by back filled with handwritten note. The first boat is named Vera.


Bridgeman at the Hythe 6th May 1965


Hythe, unknown details, August 1971


Hythe, unknown details, August 1971

The Hythe in 1968

Simmons Aerofilms ref A178618


Moler brick works, gas works, electricity station, The Colchester Lathe Company, the maltings, scrap yards, Groom and Daniells, Spottiswoode Ballantyne, the river, Haven Road, Hawkins Road, Greenstead Road, railway.


There are also views of Hythe railway station (Colchester Hythe) on our Railways page here, towards the end of the page.


186 images

 More pictures will be added in due course, together with comments.


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