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Colchester Town Hall

Dainty Series

postmarked Sep 1905, Lizzie to Miss M Whymark, Ipswich


Colchester Town Hall

postally unused



postally unused


Inside the Moot Hall

postmarked Aug 1906, Miss M Forward, Cardiff

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The Oyster Feast, Moore and Roberts

postally unused, date unknown

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Posted December 1905, to Miss Cottle? in Rivenhall End, from Eliza

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Posted June 1903 to Mrs C Stedman of Clacton on Sea

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Starting the Trams, Colchester, July 28th 1904

Photo by Gill, postally unused

'The Colchester Tramway opened in the year 1904, with a fleet of 16 trams, to provide modern transport through a town which dated back to Roman times.

The trams, supplied by Dick Kerr & Company, had bodies made by the British Electric Wagon & Carriage Co. Ltd at Preston, mounted on Brill 21E trucks. These had two 35hp motors. In 1906 two further trams were added to the fleet, identical to the others except that they had direct instead of reverse staircases.

For the inaugural run on 28th. July 1904 the Lady Mayoress, Mrs E.H. Barritt drove tram no.13 to Lexden. The fleet was decommissioned in 1928, and the trams sold to Mr Moss, a builder, for use as site huts.

In Colchester, the trams operated out of a depot in Magdalen Street in the centre of town, where they were also cleaned and maintained.

Trams were quiet, economical on fuel, and pollution free. The only disadvantage was the overhead wires and the rails - the latter could produce a problem like that so vividly depicted in the film Genevieve, when the veteran car's wheels stuck in the tram rails and it was guided the wrong way like a railway wagon! The trams were a significant feature of the town scene, both before and after the First World War, until they were replaced with motor buses.'

Quote from eBay

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unused 1950's card. M and L National Series

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9830, posted 1908 to Miss L E Cadman of The Glebe House, Lexden

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sent August 1904 to Mrs Win? Causer? of Southend by her daughter Flora.

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Colchester Oyster Feast 1905 with Frank Cant advertisement. Sent Aug 1905 to Mrs E Paul of Mortimer, Reading. This the Corn Exchange, not the Town Hall.


W7150 The Wyndham Series. Unused. Croyden Brothers Grocers


M & R C unposted


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Tuck Oilette. Unused card


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